On my last day as a Miss…


I booked the day off work today. Which I thought I probably didn’t need to do, but from the cries of outrage, all this week of, “Why are you still at work?! Aren’t you getting married?” – I thought that maybe I should take a day off before the BIG DAY to try and get any last minute bits and bobs in order and to take some time to chill before everything kicks off.

Now I’m sat here, with final phone calls made, one gigantic to-do list finally ticked off and an absolutely gigantic batch of butterflies in my stomach, it’s hitting me just how bloody excited I am for tomorrow. So, in the spirit of relaxing and keeping today about the things I love to do, I thought that I might as well jot out a little blog post on my last day as being ‘Miss Hallett’ before I become an official Mahoney tomorrow afternoon!

It’s a weird feeling, spending nearly a year and a half planning for just one day, and I honestly had no idea how I’d feel when the day rolled around (as it always seemed like an eternity away!)  but kissing Luke goodbye for the last time, before I see him at the alter tomorrow, I’m feeling hella emotional and so excited for what this weekend will bring! I think my final words were, “I love you, and please don’t forget to turn up!”

Wedding planning for me was never really a big deal. People complimented me on my lack of ‘bridezilla’ qualities (a term which I still hate, because nobody except a bride can know how stressful this day is!) – but I’d always tried to focus on the main reason that we were doing this all in the first place. To spend the rest of our lives together.

So now, waving him off – that’s a big deal to me. We’re about to spend the rest of our lives promising ourselves to each other – and I don’t want the fun and excitement (also stress) of the day itself, take away from all of that!

In the traditional way, we’re spending tonight apart. I’m going to the hotel early and having a girly sleepover with my sister and a handful of people who’ve traveled further to spend the weekend with us – so the next time I see him, I’ll be walking down the aisle to an instrumental of one of my favorite Greatest Showman songs, with my dad by my side!

The weather is looking pretty pants – but what can you expect from England in November?! Plus, I’ve got hundreds of fairy lights and lovely things to make the hotel as snug and cozy as it could possibly be for our day!

The flowers are sorted, the cake is ready (and baked by my own mumma!), the registrar has chatted with us, the dress is steamed and ready, my bridesmaids are there, I’m bundling myself into the car shortly to get my nails and hair sorted… but I guess, there’s nothing more to say really!

I’m sure that the day will be perfect to me, even if there are some hitches and things that go wrong along the way. I’m so looking forward to having everyone I love in one room with me, and it’s certainly going to be one of the most magical and important things that I ever do in my life… eeeek!

So, I guess with that said, time to go get hitched?!

I’m sure I’ll see you on the other side with dozens of beautiful photos to share, but until then – wish me luck and pray that I don’t trip!