Happenings: Autumn

This post was inspired by Heidi Apples – who writes one of the most beautiful blogs you could ever find!


DOING: I’m currently sitting on my bed, finally deciding to flex my blogging muscles and try and plan out some content for this blog! (I promise once the wedding is over, I’ll be a lot more dedicated to it!)

HEARING: The hum of the heating (England is getting really cold!) and the noises of my cat as he’s playing with a box on the floor.

DRINKING: Classic English Breakfast Tea, with milk and a drizzle of agave nectar. Because yum.

EATING + COOKING: As the wedding day is edging closer I’m trying really hard to eat better and to lose the last couple of pounds that are stopping my dress from fitting perfectly! Breakfast is usually tea and a fruit with nut butter, lunch would be a salad or soup from Pret (yes- a terrible habit I need to break!) and dinners are generally chicken, rice or something hearty! I never wanted to diet, but I definitely want to feel at my most confident.

WANTING: Cake. Luke to come home from work. To see ‘A Star is Born’ at the cinema again – plus, I’ve had loads of tiny little health issues over the last few weeks, so it would be nice to be well again!

LOOKING: forward to the wedding day! I feel like this huge thing has kind of drifted by me and I haven’t really had much expectation of it. However, with 5 weeks to go, I’m really starting to feel the excitement.

DECIDING: what to do today! I’ve got a day off work as I worked on a weekend, so I’m up bright and early, writing this blog – before I decide how to fill the rest of my time.

READING: everything and anything! I’m currently reading ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson, which is somewhat eye-opening! It’s brilliant though! If you’ve read it please let me know what you think.

WATCHING: The Circle on Channel 4. It’s my new guilty pleasure, but I think as far as reality TV goes, this is the best that it’s going to get!

WEARING: A dressing gown currently, but as Autumn has arrived I’m starting to bring out my cosiest winter jumpers, thick tights, and fluffy boots!

ENJOYING: the moment. I’m at a good place in my life (even though the health isn’t the greatest!) as I’m enjoying working in London, I’m loving being someone’s fiancee – and I’m so lucky that I get to be as selfish with my time as I want to be.

PLAYING: in the garden. I spent the weekend with my hen party in the garden on a gloriously hot autumn day, playing the silliest games imaginable. Perfection.

PLANNING: the wedding day, the rings, the flowers, the outfits, the vows… my life is a series of plans at the moment!

CRAVING: anything unhealthy! Eating well is a struggle, but this weekend I’m going for bottomless bubbles and bagels with my two best friends, so I’m craving that already!

LOVING: the autumn weather. This is definitely the start of my favorite three months and I love London so much at this time of year!

SAVOURING: the early days of my job! I’m definitely beginning to find my feet and more responsibility, but it’s nice to enjoy the ‘being new’ and being involved in so many exciting projects.

BUYING: I’m trying to save as much money as possible at the moment, but I did just buy a new rucksack, as I kept stealing Luke’s all the time! It’s covered in roses and I absolutely love it!

FEELING: Excited to have a day to myself to be selfish and do whatever I want. Relaxed and peaceful, as my kitten is asleep next to me! Ready for the next few weeks to fly by!

If you’ve been inspired by this, why not write your own ‘happenings’? I’d love to read them!



Image Credit: Uncoated Photography