The Wedding Day…

On the 10th November 2018, I married the love of my life.

The day itself was such an incredibly special and perfect memory, that I was a little bit cautious when it came to sharing the pictures, videos and moments of the day online – however, I thought I’d share a tiny little snapshot of our special day – so you can get an idea of the kind of wedding that we had, and why it was just perfect for us!

The night before the wedding I headed to the hotel early with my family, to get set up in the bridal suite and sort all the dresses out, plus any final bits and bobs for the actual day! (The story of our disaster at getting to the venue is definitely one for another blog post)

When we were finally there, we set up the cake, table plan and all the little bits that my mum and I had put together.

To save money on little things, my mum had made the cake and all the table decorations herself, and I had done all of the table place-cards, sweet table and seating plan! Although it was definitely a bit more homemade looking, I don’t think it ended up looking bad at all!

Rachel & Luke-333-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-342-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-377-X3

This also involved laying out all of the dresses, to iron out any creases and making sure that they all looked perfect for the big day! We got all of the dresses below from David’s Bridal (an American chain, which is incredibly good value for the quality!)

I always wanted my bridesmaids to feel comfortable and happy in what they wore, so I chose the colour of the dress and then let them each pick their own favourite dress style. Luckily for my ‘wanting everything to match’ personality, they ended up picking with near identical ones!

Rachel & Luke-10-X3

On the day… 

I’m not massively keen on having my makeup done for me, as I like it a particular way – but I thought since it was a special day, I would hire a makeup artist and hairdresser to come and beautify my bridesmaids and me!

We went super-natural on the makeup, with Charlotte Tilbury foundation and contour, Benefit on my eyes, MAC on my lips and Too-Faced mascara, (and probably a bunch of other products that the makeup artist used to tweak and perfect things!)

For my hair, I had never wanted it all pulled back (I have a very round face okay!?) – so decided to go for half-up and half-down. All my bridesmaids had their hair curled and in a similar style, which I thought looked so lovely. It’s so un-me to go too OTT on makeup or hair, so I felt really pretty and understated like this.

My bridesmaids and flower girl (Luke’s niece) all piled into the room on the morning of, and we took it in turns to be pampered, guzzle down prosecco and each of them had to chill me out at various points throughout the morning.

Although, I was complimented on the fact that I was one of the most chilled brides that they had seen! (Amazing, considering I thought I was being an absolute demon)

Rachel & Luke-64-X3.jpg

Rachel & Luke-104-X3.jpg

The flowers were one of the most dazzling and best spends of the whole day in my opinion. We had found a really fantastic company called ‘Seventh Heaven’ in Windsor, and they came by in the morning to show us the bouquets and the other gorgeous buttonholes and displays they had created for us.

Our ‘theme’ (I don’t really think we had one but for argument’s sake) was baby blues, baby pinks and white, and they got these bouquets absolutely perfect.

We’d also splashed out and got two giant plinth displays to put at the end of the aisle, and they absolutely brought the whole room together and made it look SO stunning as I was walking down the aisle.

Rachel & Luke-35-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-50-X3Rachel & Luke-322-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-118-X3.jpg

For the actual ceremony, we were given the Hamilton Suite in the hotel. The first time I actually saw how it had all come together, was literally when I walked in to get married, as I hadn’t wanted to bump into Luke downstairs.

I walked down the aisle with my dad to an instrumental from ‘The Greatest Showman’ (I mean obviously, it’s got the most bloody beautiful melodies!) and nearly freaked out and ran when I saw about 90 of my family and friends staring back at me!!

Luckily, as soon as I locked eyes with Luke it seemed to help some of the nerves evapourate (although I wish I could have told my shaky hands to chill the f out) He teared up as he saw me, which made it even more special and lovely a moment for us!

I’m not going to share the vows/ funny moments and stuff on here because I think that’s a lovely moment to keep between ourselves – but this ceremony was really really special, and I’ll forever be reliving it in my head!

Rachel & Luke-107-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-189-X3.jpg

After the ceremony – it was time to chill!! *cough* drink *cough*

The hotel turned the other room around for us, as we had all our family photos and couple photos taken – whilst everyone else devoured the bar tab that we’d laid out!

Walking into the room with the applause of everyone was such a surreal moment… honestly, I felt like I was in a film or doing a weird play or something!

I could barely eat (mainly because my stomach was so nervous) – but we served up tomato soup, chicken roast dinner (with veggie and vegan alternatives) and then pear and almond tart for dessert. Plus, A LOT of wine.

Rachel & Luke-320-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-319-X3.jpg

The rest of the evening was filled with speeches (my dad’s evoked this reaction below if you’re interested in how they went!) – tons of dancing, a magician who stayed the entire night in the end – and ridiculous antics in the photo booth we had set-up outside.Rachel & Luke-524-X3.jpgRachel & Luke-395-X3.jpg

I know it wasn’t the most comprehensive blog post, or the most sharing (gotta keep some of this stuff private!) but I hope you enjoyed having a little snapshot into the most perfect day of my life!

Having all of my friends and family with us to celebrate this day was such a once in a lifetime experience – and now, well I’m happily Mrs. Mahoney! Onto the next adventure…

Lots of love,



On my last day as a Miss…


I booked the day off work today. Which I thought I probably didn’t need to do, but from the cries of outrage, all this week of, “Why are you still at work?! Aren’t you getting married?” – I thought that maybe I should take a day off before the BIG DAY to try and get any last minute bits and bobs in order and to take some time to chill before everything kicks off.

Now I’m sat here, with final phone calls made, one gigantic to-do list finally ticked off and an absolutely gigantic batch of butterflies in my stomach, it’s hitting me just how bloody excited I am for tomorrow. So, in the spirit of relaxing and keeping today about the things I love to do, I thought that I might as well jot out a little blog post on my last day as being ‘Miss Hallett’ before I become an official Mahoney tomorrow afternoon!

It’s a weird feeling, spending nearly a year and a half planning for just one day, and I honestly had no idea how I’d feel when the day rolled around (as it always seemed like an eternity away!)  but kissing Luke goodbye for the last time, before I see him at the alter tomorrow, I’m feeling hella emotional and so excited for what this weekend will bring! I think my final words were, “I love you, and please don’t forget to turn up!”

Wedding planning for me was never really a big deal. People complimented me on my lack of ‘bridezilla’ qualities (a term which I still hate, because nobody except a bride can know how stressful this day is!) – but I’d always tried to focus on the main reason that we were doing this all in the first place. To spend the rest of our lives together.

So now, waving him off – that’s a big deal to me. We’re about to spend the rest of our lives promising ourselves to each other – and I don’t want the fun and excitement (also stress) of the day itself, take away from all of that!

In the traditional way, we’re spending tonight apart. I’m going to the hotel early and having a girly sleepover with my sister and a handful of people who’ve traveled further to spend the weekend with us – so the next time I see him, I’ll be walking down the aisle to an instrumental of one of my favorite Greatest Showman songs, with my dad by my side!

The weather is looking pretty pants – but what can you expect from England in November?! Plus, I’ve got hundreds of fairy lights and lovely things to make the hotel as snug and cozy as it could possibly be for our day!

The flowers are sorted, the cake is ready (and baked by my own mumma!), the registrar has chatted with us, the dress is steamed and ready, my bridesmaids are there, I’m bundling myself into the car shortly to get my nails and hair sorted… but I guess, there’s nothing more to say really!

I’m sure that the day will be perfect to me, even if there are some hitches and things that go wrong along the way. I’m so looking forward to having everyone I love in one room with me, and it’s certainly going to be one of the most magical and important things that I ever do in my life… eeeek!

So, I guess with that said, time to go get hitched?!

I’m sure I’ll see you on the other side with dozens of beautiful photos to share, but until then – wish me luck and pray that I don’t trip!