How My 2019 Resolutions Are Going

Since we’re nearly 1/4 of the way through the year (WHAT) – I thought I should check in with myself and take a look about how my NY resolutions are going so far!

Cut down on Diet Coke

This is probably one of my proudest goals that I’ve managed to continually hit so far this year! I’ve completely cut out diet coke and nearly all other fizzy drinks (don’t really like other ones that much!) for a month now. I’m replacing it with water, orange juice, tea, coffee sure… but I’m so glad to say that I’m back on my wagon of not letting myself drink any of the poisionous black water I love so much!

Go to the gym three times a week

I’ve been running, yoga-ing and trying to get back into my bouldering and climbing lately, so I’d say that although I may not have hit the strict ‘three times a week goal’ every week this year, I’m doing really well. Plus, I’m walking SO much more now I’m in London and have to walk to and from the train station all the time!

Pay off and cut up my credit card

Hm. It wasn’t ever gonna happen in three months, was it?

Read 50 books

I’ve managed to read 11 books so far, so we’re well on track to reaching this goal! I’m massively back into writing my novel and my blog at the moment as well though, which is usually my downfall with reaching this goal, so I’ve just got to make reading an equal priority.

Drink more water

I’m definitely doing this more now! I’ve invested in a fancy ass metal bottle for work, I’ve cut my diet coke drinking completely and I’m really doing my best to get all the water goodness into me and my skin!

Buy a house?

We’re well on the way to saving up to hopefully make this a reality next year! Fingers crossed for us!

How are your goals going?




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