February Wrap-Up

Well, hey! Bet you didn’t think I’d actually bother to do another month of my wrap-up posts eh? I’ve been pretty crap with this blog lately, as work, married life, moving house, planning travels and trying to save up for a new place = a very busy Rach. On top of everything else I’ve got to juggle. But I’m here and ready to share some of the awesome things that I watched, read and listened to in Feb. Enjoy:

Films I saw: Feb 2019

Alita: Battle Angel

I’ve never read the manga, but I know from word of mouth that ‘Alita’ originally was cyberpunk manga, which was incredibly popular at the time of release. I’m a huge fan of this genre and I had pretty high expectations going into the film. What I got was almost exactly as expected. The story was exciting, the animations and CGI beautifully done and the story fairly predictable to a point! If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know how fantastic the Powerball scenes are – and how enticing the world that’s been built is. Definitely looking forward to the next one! 8/10

Instant Family

If there’s a trailer that I don’t think did a film justice, it’s ‘Instant Family.’ When I saw the trailer I got serious ‘Bad Neighbours’ vibes from it and thought it looked a bit cheesy and crap. However, I could not have been more wrong. The film was heartwarming, ACTUALLY funny and incredibly sweet and wholesome. The fact that it’s based on a true story made it about a million times more emotional for me and I really loved it, far more than I had expected. 8/10

Books I read: Feb 2019

Body Postive Power: Megan Crabbe

I have to admit that this was a re-read for me (which is very rare) – but I felt like I’ve been slipping into some unhealthy brain and food thoughts lately, and I needed a refresh on the book that helped me cure some of my poor body image and ED thoughts. Megan’s book explores diet culture, the way that we think about our bodies, what ‘health’ really looks like and also explores her own story of anorexia. It’s informative, interesting and personal enough for me to thoroughly recommend – and it definitely changed the way that I view my own body. 9/10

Levels of Life: Julien Barnes

Julian Barnes’s new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief; about putting two things, and two people, together, and about tearing them apart.

It feels horrifically uncomfortable to give a book that ended SO beautifully, such a low rating. However, I have to admit – until I reached the final part of this novel, I was, for lack of a better word, bored. I understood that Julian Barnes was trying to draw parallels between hot-air ballooning, the unpredictability of life and his wife’s death, but I found myself skim reading the majority of the novel as I wasn’t that interested. The last part where he talks about his wife and the impact of her death, was really stunningly written, and brought this up from a lower review. It was very moving, but it’s such a shame that he chose this particular structure for it. 4/10

Leaving Time: Jodie Picoult

I LOVE Jodie Picoult books. I’ve devoured about 6+ of them in the last few years and I usually don’t find fault with them. However, I’m sad to say that ‘Leaving Time’ was not a favourite of mine at all, to the extent that I actually gave up reading it after 100-ish pages and skimmed to the end. The characters were muddled, the story kept jumping all over the place and I didn’t find any of the characters particularly believable, or find myself rooting for them. I thought that the ending twist was [spoiler] too reminiscent of the sixth sense and not worth powering through the whole thing! Shame – but I’ll continue to read this author and hope that the next one is better! 2/10

Music I listened to: Feb 2019

thank you, next: Ariana Grande

Was there a single human being alive who didn’t obsessively listen to Ariana’s full album this Feb? My personal favourites are ‘bloodline’ and ‘ghostin’ (cry forever) – but I felt like this whole album was SO fantastic. Her voice is legendary, the songs are such an eclectic mix and most of them just make me want to dance! 9.5/10

Almost (Sweet Music): Hozier

My boy is back! ‘Take Me To Church’ would have probably been my most listened song in 2015 and I absolutely adored his music, so this new album is a welcome addition to my Spotify. Love everything about his voice, his sound and he’s perfect work background music! (Follow me on spotify if ya wish!) 8/10

So, that’s all for this month!

Hope you’ve all had a good one – and let’s look forward to later and brighter nights as we’re kicking off March!




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