Why I choose to commute

I’ve always had jobs that were close to home. My first “proper job” out of uni was a 30 minute drive down the motorway, my job after that was 10 minutes. I always vowed that I would never be part of the hustle and bustle of people who spend half their lives on the train and less time at home.

So, as I’m sitting on my second tube ride of the day (in my hour and a bit commute home) I thought I’d write a little about why I’ve chosen to commute, and how I manage it!

1. I love my job

When I went for the interview at CRUK I knew for a fact it would involve commuting. We lived in Chesham at that point in time and it was at the end of a line and into central London. However, where I work is the biggest charity in the UK. It’s an exciting job that I would never be able to replicate closer to home and I adore it. It makes it worth that travel everyday.

2. Prices in London vs. Prices in the suburbs

I grew up on the outskirts of London and even then the prices were extortionate. Living on a tube line meant nearly 300 quid more a month and we’ve been able to save a fair amount of money by being further out.

3. My husband and my family

Luke and I live in the town he grew up in, he works from home and he’s also not massively keen on London. My family aren’t in central and to be honest, I value being close to them and keeping my hubs happy a lot!

4. I get a lot done on the journey

I feel like I read so many books now that I have two and a bit extra hours in the day to myself. I answer emails, I plan stories, I waste a lot of time on twitter (you’ll notice my most active hours on social media are between 7-9 and 5-6!) and although I’d rather have some time in bed, I try to utilise this time as best I can!

5. Work from home perks

I’m lucky that I work at a place that often lets me work from home and I’m able to do the majority of the work from my sofa if I want to. Being that bit further out means that I’m able to utilise that from time to time which is great!

6. Separate lives

I now get to live outside the city, next to a canal and with plenty of gorgeous countryside within a shots distance of my house! Although I’m not in the middle of nowhere, I feel like not working and living in the city allows me a bit of distance and breathing space!

Do you commute? Lemme know how you find it in the comments!




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