The 8 things I’ve learned this year

As we come towards the end of the year, I thought I’d take a look back at the life lessons, words of wisdom and even the plain obvious stuff that I’ve learned this year. Maybe you’ll relate to some of these yourself? Enjoy!

1. Weight doesn’t make a difference to how happy you are

Wow good god, claps for Rach well done that I’ve finally hammered this into my brain! I currently weigh more than I have EVER weighed in my entire life. I’m less a size 8/10 now and more a 12, I have big boobs (that meant new underwear yay!) and curves in places that I didn’t have before.

A few years back I’d have been frantically dieting, upset and starving myself- but I’ve got a husband who LOVES the curves, I’m happier than I’ve ever been and also healthier as I’m eating properly for the first time in my life and absolutely love my body just as it is.

Mental, considering that I had an eating disorder for 5 years that I’m finally at this place in my life!!

2. Work friends are LIFE

I really don’t know how I would survive my life without my two best girls at work. We started within a month of each other and they are my absolute rocks and supports through everything at the moment. Being an adult you don’t expect to meet those kind of people all the time and I’ve been so unbelievably lucky. Absolute angels.

3. Liking your career is more important than money

I don’t know if everyone would feel the same way about this, but moving into the charity sector, doing and working for something I care about and I feel proud of = serious career satisfaction. I absolutely love my job and it was such a great move for me. Somewhere I hope to stay for the next few years and work my way up!

4. There is no right or wrong way to feel grief

2018 was the year that I lost my first pet. I’d had rabbits as a child, but I was much younger then and it didn’t impact me as much. However, making the decision to put our kitten down, was the most horrible thing I’ve ever had to do. It was right for him as he was getting no pleasure out of any aspect of his life, but having to choose that for ourself was the worst part of this year.

I called in sick, cried for days and it’s still something I’m processing now. ❤️ Grief is horrible and difficult, but you have to feel how you feel- and take each day as it comes.

5. You don’t always have to see the good in someone

Not to sound awfully pessimistic, but I’ve tried previously to always see the good in other people- believing that I can change their perceptions or how they act.

However, 2018 taught me that sometimes people are just going to hate or disagree with you no matter what ya do.

My energy is better spent on people who do have good to give, but I’m no longer worried about people who are determined to hate me. You do you I guess!

6. Wedding planning is a full-time gig

As 2018 was the year I got married, it was also one of the most damn stressful experiences of my life. Sure it was fun, but there was a lot of phoning people, panicking about things, writing out cards/ plans and lists and endless rehearsing in my head of things I might have forgotten.

The day itself was perfection, so all worth it in the end though!

7. A good foundation can change your entire face

I’m not turning my back on my cheapy Superdrug stuff, but this year I invested in some ‘Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation’ and I really don’t think I’ll ever use another one!

8.I’m more lucky than I ever realised

I have never felt more grateful and fortunate to have my life, career, friends, family and health than I have this year. I really am feeling like 2018 (although not perfect) was almost close to it!

What have you learned from this year?




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