My Top 10 Songs of 2018

If you followed this blog at the start of the year, you may remember that I attempted the “song a day” challenge for 2018- where I chose a song that reflected each day/ my mood or was just something I had been loving listening to!

I managed to keep it rolling until about August, when wedding planning and moving jobs and other factors meant I just couldn’t muster the energy! But since it’s coming to the end of the year, I thought it might be fun to pick the top songs that meant the most to me this year. Enjoy!

10. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You): The 1975

One of my all-time favourite bands, a fucking beautiful new album and my top song off that? I have no more reasons, but I bloody love this one.

9. Back To You: Selena Gomez

I really loved the Netflix seasons of “Thirteen Reasons Why” (yeah I’m aware they’re mildly problematic and controversial but that’s a post for another day) – and this song that was released with it fast became one of my most listened to songs this year! It’s the perfect song to blast in the shower.

8. I Like It: Cardi B

No song made me feel as sassy as this did this year, I swear to god.

7. Havana: Camila Cabello

Did any other song make your hips want to wiggle as much as this?? I’ve had this on repeat since it was released last year tbh. It’s one of the perfect songs when you’re getting ready for a night out as well!

6. God is a woman: Ariana Grande

I don’t know any other girl who didn’t listen to this and absolutely love it. This year has been the year of Ariana, and I am here for it. Perfect song and even better video to go with it.

5. Rewrite The Stars: Zac Efron and Zendaya

It’s mad that it was only this year that ‘The Greatest Showman’ came out to be honest… I feel like I’ve been obsessed with it my whole life! I think this is still and will always be my favourite song from it (as I basically cry every-time I listen to it) Plus, we loved the music so much we used an instrumental for our wedding!

I’ll always think of that day when I hear the first few notes of this song!

4. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart: Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson

This one is a super new edition to my favourites of the year! I’ve always LOVED a bit of Miley and this song is so so damn catchy. I’ve had it blasting in my ears every day on my commute, since it got released!

3. Shotgun: George Ezra

If a song was ever the embodiment of summer, it’s this! I loved his new album and I actually saw him live for the first time this year. Such a feel good, happy and fab song to remind me of this year.

2. Shallow: Lady Gaga

I’ve loved Gaga for SO long now, but when ‘A Star is Born’ came out this year, I swear I fell in love with her all over again. That movie was one of my highlights of the year (top movies post coming soon!) and this song was so incredibly beautiful and powerful. A definite highlight!

1. You and Me: Lifehouse

Although this song came out in 2005, it’s definitely managed to become my most significant song for this year, for one simple reason. This is the song that me and Luke chose as our first dance on the wedding day. Forever will hold a place as one of my favourite and most special songs of this year!

What were your favourite songs of the year?




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