An updated ‘30 before 30’

Back when I was writing on this blog regularly, I made a list of the thirty things that I’d like to do before I turn 30.

After reworking my blog, I’ve decided to also rework my list and share it here again, so that I’ve got it for my own reference.

Since I’m 24 now, I wonder how many of these I’ll get ticked off in the next 6 years?!

1.Marry the love of my life

Is it cheating if I’m doing this at the weekend? Haha!

2.Go on an American Road-trip

Luke and I have been talking an awful lot lately about the possibility of going around America in a little camper van… it’s something that my dad did when he was younger and the idea is certainly becoming more and more appealing by the day!

3. Pay off my debts

I’m not proud that I’ve got a few outstanding credit card debts and a loan that’s still floating around, but they should be paid off by 2020 – so being sensible with money is my big goal!

4. See the Great Barrier Reef

I’m obsessed with Australia, and this natural beauty, but since it’s being destroyed so quickly I really need to get my act together and make sure that I experience it whilst I can.

5. See the Grand Canyon

Part of the American road-trip plan! I’ve been to Yosemite, I’ve seen Niagara – but this is one incredible natural landmark I would love to tick off the list.

6. Gamble in Vegas

*Shrug* – gotta be done once!

7. Do the Christmas markets in Germany

I often go to Winter Wonderland in London, but I’d love to experience the full markets in Germany, particularly after the Oktoberfest was SO incredible!

8. Listen to jazz in New Orleans

I adore jazz music, I’ve never been to the Deep South and the two of them marry together pretty perfectly!

9. Do the Inca Trail

I know this one would be incredibly tough, but the views from the top of Machu Picchu would make this one worth it!

10. See Lady Gaga Live

Since the Joanne World Tour date I was supposed to go to got cancelled, I’m desperate to see Gaga perform again in person!

11. Go to Japan

I adore Japanese food and culture, and I really want to experience it for myself!

12. Buy a house

Ugh adulting is boring, but this is absolutely one of my BIG goals I’m working on! As we live just outside of London the places that I’d want to live are mad expensive, so it might take a while for this to actually come to fruition.

13. Read 50 books in a year

I’ve made this a goal since 2012 and I’m still struggling with it! The max I’ve done is 43 books in a year – but with wedding planning this year it defo escaped me in 2018!

14. Tackle my OCD

I’ve struggled with OCD since I was a child, but never to the extremes that it interfered too badly with my life. However, I’ve taken steps and started working with a CBT therapist lately to try and sort it out.

15. Try Sake

Idk why, I just thought I should perhaps put something slightly easier on my list – and I do want to try it!

16. Go white- water rafting

Our friends did this in Africa, and the videos made it look so crazy exciting! Definitely one for the bucket list!

17. Write my book and finish it

I’m an absolute sinner for declaring I don’t have enough time to write my book, when in fact I just haven’t prioritised it. One day people I will share it, I promise!

18. Swim with great whites

I LOVE sharks, and I also think that this would just be the most incredible experience!

19. Own a dog

This probably comes later down the line with responsibility haha – but I would really love to own a dog before I’m 30, as I’ve never had one before!

20. Make an exercise habit

I go through phases in my life where I’m massively into exercise- and other times where I just don’t bother. I’d like to keep up a habit at some point in my life and stick to it.

21. Have a totally relaxed lazy holiday

I’m an absolute victim of never relaxing when I go away, because I just want to see and do ALL THE THINGS. It would be nice to have a holiday where I completely chilled out and had no expectations.

22. Go to Paris with Luke

Luke has only ever been to Disneyland Paris, so I’d love to go on a romantic little weekend away together and do some proper sightseeing!

23. Go on safari

I would love to spend some time in Africa doing this and seeing animals in their natural habitat!

24. Work for a publisher

I currently work for a charity, which I absolutely adore. However, my real love in life is books and I would really love to work for a publishing house at some point in my career.

25. Swim in the blue lagoon

Iceland is so beautiful, but also so expensive! If I was going to make the trip this is the #1 thing I’d want to do there.

26. Start playing piano again

I used to play piano when my grandad was alive and he was teaching me, but I gave it up when he died. I still twiddle around on it a bit, but I’d like to cultivate it as a skill.

27. Live by the sea

I “lived” in Plymouth for a while, when my ex was at uni there. I absolutely adored living so close to the sea and would love to make that a reality again.

28. Go to an elephant sanctuary

Elephants are one of my favourite animals and spending some time in a sanctuary with them is a massive dream. We’re going to Thailand soon, so hopefully I can tick this off then!

29. Do the colour run

I honestly think about doing this most years but the price puts me off (plus the word “run”) ha!

30. Have a baby

Ah the big one! I’ve put this at the end because who’s to say if I’ll actually be ready for a baby by the time I’m 30- but if it’s right, then it’s right! No harm on putting it on the list and taking it off again eh?

What’s on your list?




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