A Moment of Grace

I read a lot of books. Books are the thing that I know best. My bread and butter. The place that I find solace.

I’ve always been a voracious reader throughout my life, which is why I often find myself reading books that I don’t really like.

More often than not I’ll finish it, having skimmed paragraphs, jumped pages and find myself feeling utterly underwhelmed with a novel.

However, on occasion, things like “A Moment of Grace” fall into my hands and I find myself so moved and startled at how much I loved it, that I want to skip back straight to the first page and begin all over again.

That’s the sentiment I felt as soon as I turned the last page of this book.

This is the story of Patrick and Nicola’s last year together, as they face cancer.

Written by Patrick after she died, it follows all the way from diagnosis, to treatment, to remission – and finally to the last breath that she took.

And honestly, it is a beautiful, loving and inspiring piece of writing, that I’m not sure I’m ever quite going to get over.

Considering that I work for Cancer Research you’d think that I might have been slightly softened to the realities of a cancer diagnosis, but I think the fact that I feel so close to this cause, only made it that much more brilliant a read.

Dillon weaves a web of the beautiful everyday moments, the little things and the simple and honest kind of love that everyone is looking for.

His descriptions of the kindliness of the NHS, the procedures that Nicola went through and how life after her has materialised for him – are honest, raw and real.

He doesn’t hide the realities of a cancer diagnosis. Instead, he paints the picture solely around the woman that Nicola was, the strength that she showed and the radiance of the woman that he loved.

I would highly recommend this as a read for anyone who needs to rediscover the beauty in life. I know that it’s changed my outlook.

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