Fresh starts


I know that fresh starts are usually reserved for springtime, but if you’ve spent quite as long in education as I have (17 years!) – then there might be something about September that also stirs this feeling inside you.

For me, September is the start of new school years and new terms. It’s when you need to buy new stiff leather shoes, dust off books, start clean notebooks that haven’t yet been written in – and although I now work full-time in a job that doesn’t in any way fit the mould of terms and holidays– I can still feel it.

So that’s why I’ve decided to start afresh. Not just in spirit, but also with my blog.

Over the past year, my blog has been a little haven for me to chat casually and candidly about the things that were happening in my life.

It’s been the place that my confidence blossomed, and (although one or two negative comments!) – it’s mainly been praised as something that people I’m close to have enjoyed reading.

But, as with all things, I feel like I started to outgrow it over time.

When I began it, I wanted to share everything.

I wanted to push my opinions out there and I felt like I always needed to be posting, to even be able to call myself a blogger.

I would rush through posts, share things that I wasn’t completely proud of and ultimately, began to lose the passion that had driven me to write in the first place.

Lately, I’ve become more reserved in what I share online. I’ve wanted to be more careful and more alert about who was reading it, rather than how many people were reading it.

I’ve evolved in my writing style and I’ve started to crave a new place to write.

So, I suppose – here’s to new beginnings and my next chapter.


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