Song a day August: Part 1

Hey m’loves,

Sorry that I’ve been slightly less active on the blog this week, there’s been a whole lot of shit that’s been going on in my head (you may have seen the blog I wrote before deleting!) – but it’s not been the easiest mental health wise for me.

Luckily, I’m actually feeling considerably better now, but some of my music choices might just reflect my dip this week. Hope you enjoy nonetheless:

August 1st- Make Me Wanna Die: The Pretty Reckless

Not the best start to the month haha, but this was a solid MOOD for me today. I guess it’s inevitable that at some point people are going to rile you up, but I was in the foulest mood today and just felt like screaming into a pillow all afternoon.

August 2nd – I Miss You (feat. Julia Micheals) : Clean Bandit

I was feeling endlessly low this day, I must have cried about 5x in one day! I missed my family as they’re all off on holiday, and I honestly just wanted a cuddle with my mumma!

August 3rd- Lonely Together : Avicii and Rita Ora

If you caught my blog post before I deleted it, I was having a chat about feeling lonely. Although this song isn’t super relevant it felt kinda like a good choice today. It’s been weird moving, weird knowing I’m leaving my job and I’ve just felt unsettled tbh.

August 4th- Shake It Off : Taylor Swift

Mmhm ok time to shake myself back into shape and enough with the misery and wallowing! I had a really nice day with some family friends, I had a lovely evening with my boy and our pals and I’m starting to feel a whole lot more like myself. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of distraction to get me out of my hole.

August 5th– Home: Michael Buble

My mum and dad were finally back and it was SO GOOD to see them! I’ve been set off worrying again as there’s currently an earthquake in Bali where my baby sister is, but I’m trying to keep a clear head and think about when she’s back home in a couple of weeks!

August 6th– In My Feelings: Drake

Ugh I hit full Fiat 500 today. I dunno why I picked this, it’s catchy. UGH WHO AM I.

August 7th- My,My,My: Troye Sivan


It’s my last day at my current job so I’ve mainly been finding good songs and this is by far the best I’ve got for today!

So, that’s it for the week! See ya soon angels and have a good week.




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