Do I have a five-year plan?


If you know me in the slightest, then you’ll know that I bloody love making a list. I’m an absolute obsessive for organisation, but one thing that I’ve never bothered to do, is try out the ‘five-year plan’ technique.

I’ve often been of the view that there shouldn’t be a timescale on reaching milestones in your life, because they often make them seem unattainable, stressful and if you don’t reach them then you feel bad… but after reading a few other people’s blog posts about this, I thought it might be interesting to see where I think I might be in 5 years… and then where I actually end up!

So, what do I think life is looking like in 2023? (Yikes!)


In a couple of weeks I’ll be starting a job at Cancer Research, which is quite frankly a dream come true. I can’t quite believe that they wanted ME of all people?! But I guess in five years, I’ll have either ended up staying there or moving on to pastures new?

I know that I want my career to be in this line of work and I reckon in 5-years I’d be able to work in a ‘Head of Social’ role at a much smaller company. I can’t wait to see what the future brings there!

Family and relationships

I’m getting married in November to my absolute favourite person in the entire world, so *hopefully* we’ll have started our own family by then! I definitely don’t want to put any time pressures on this (I’m only just turned 24) but if it does happen, then I’d be happy for it. Other than that, being with Luke and building our own little family, with kitties is fine by me and more than I could hope for!

Buying a house

This is a huge goal for me and one that seems more and more attainable the more I think about the logic of it. It’s bloody impossible to get on the property ladder when you’re as poor as me… but I’m optimistic that we might have done it within the next five years!

Pay off my loan

I have a five-year loan from the bank, that I got when I was a stupid idiot teenager. In five years it will actually be paid off and hopefully, I’ll manage to settle it early. I’m going to be writing a blog on being careful with money in your teens shortly, but this is one mistake I am still (literally) paying for.


Although we’ve got Thailand booked, my real goal is to get to Japan and New Zealand in the next couple of years. These are two places that are ridiculously expensive to get to, but they’re the top of my priority list!

So that’s it for now! All this stuff is pretty vague but I think it gives me something to strive towards… have you got a five-year plan?




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