Huel Review

I am a self-confessed foodie. Honestly, I bloody love food. I love trying new things and I love eating.

However, I really REALLY hate deciding what to eat, shopping for food and cooking.

I’m constantly whining about food shopping, the effort of choosing and I have more than once declared that if I could take a tablet and get everything I needed, I probably would… and clearly, someone lurking around in the start-up’s community was thinking the same thing.

*Enter ‘Huel’*

(Should have gone into advertising eh?)

So, what is Huel?

Huel is environmentally friendly, vegan and nutritionally complete. It’s powdered rice, seeds and vitamins and supposedly it’s enough to give me all the nutrition I need in one drink. *Eyebrow raise*

When Luke first told me about it, I thought that it sounded literally horrible. Why would I pay money to drink powder?

It sounded like the kind of thing that you’d see people drink in Sci-fi films when the earth has run out of resources.

Plus, why would I want to drink my dinner, when I could eat an entire plate of food for the same calories?

BUT never being one to turn down an interesting opportunity, I gave it a go.

Because ya know, anything to make my lazy ass life more convenient and to get to avoid cooking!!

We ordered the vanilla flavouring, with a couple of the extra flavour sachets to give it a bit more taste. Plus, with our order they give you a free t-shirt and shaker (yay?)

(Excuse the state of my kitchen counter but this stuff was MESSY)

What did I think?

I’ve got to say that when it actually arrived I was most apprehensive about the taste and texture.

I’d heard from other reviewers that it was a bit like sweet porridge oats, which didn’t sound totally disgusting?

You can mix it with milk, water, fruits, coffee… basically anything that takes your fancy, but for our first taste tests we made it with milk.

I feel at this point I should point out that it says you can shake it up and drink, but YOU NEED TO BLEND IT. This stuff is kinda cement like and there’s absolutely no way that you’d be able to stomach it with lumpy bits of powder in it….

The drink itself didn’t look like the most appetising thing in the world, but on first taste it’s a bit like digestive biscuits and milk.

It’s a very bland flavour and although it was meh… it REALLY fills you up.

Like honestly, it’s astonishing how a drink could make me feel that full, that quickly!


So, as with so many other fads, I think that this Huel is something that I couldn’t stick with long-term.

The taste for me is just a bit too sickly and I can’t even imagine being able to eat it for every meal! (Psychologically I think I’d just miss chewing food too much lol)

But, having said all that, we’ve been adding it to smoothies, we’ve been using it to boost our nutrition and ya know what… I won’t be able to ever complain about having to cook again now that I have an alternative!

If you’ve tried it, do let me know what you think!




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