A huge life update

Well, hello my loves! It’s been a hot minute since I actually bothered to write anything on my blog… oops. But today I thought I’d actually give you all an insight into what’s been going on for the last few weeks, and why I’ve been so AWOL on my blog! Hopefully it clears a few things up and it’s the start of a crazy exciting chapter for me!

So, what’s been going on?

Well, firstly our landlord asked us to leave…

We’ve been living in Buckinghamshire for the last year, in a really lovely little house in the countryside. I loved this house when we moved in, but over time we’ve realised quite how much we’ve ended up paying for it and how much money has gone down the drain in rent.

When our landlord told us he was selling the house it was almost a relief that we would have to move out and find somewhere a little cheaper!

Instead of finding somewhere else to throw money at again, we’ve decided to move in with Luke’s mum for a few months to save up some money and to put towards buying a place next year hopefully!

Then… I realised how much I was hating my new job

Whilst all this was going on, over the last few months I’ve been working at my new job.

I knew that I had made a bad move and that it wasn’t the right choice for me, but leaving after such a short period of time didn’t really seem like an option that I had and I was worried that no interviewer would take me seriously.

I felt bad for not enjoying what I was doing, but I guess that PR wasn’t really for me. I found talking on the phone to journalists draining and stressful. I found that I was bored a lot of the time and at the end of the day, I have given it a shot and it wasn’t for me.

So, I applied for social media roles again and I went for an interview at my dream company

The one thing that I did know about my job was that I loved working with charity clients best. I knew that was where my heart was set on going next, so I manically applied for jobs in the charity sector to do social media.

The charity that I ended up seeing (and eventually being hired by!!!) is the biggest charity in the UK. They’re the name on TV ads, they host huge events on TV and online and I can’t quite believe that they want ME to work with them. (*Screams into pillow*)


So, now what?

Well, with four months till the wedding, a new job, moving in to someone else’s house for a bit and all the other crazy stuff that life keeps throwing at us… I’m excited to see what happens next!




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