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I don’t know about other people, but I am totally fascinated by what other people eat. I have watched countless ‘what I eat in a day’ videos and thought how bloody unrealistic they are… so today I’ve decided to share with y’all what I ACTUALLY eat in a week.

(Note: I’m not dieting, I really bloody like food and I’m not particularly interested on anyone’s opinions about veganism)

I’m also going to throw a trigger warning in here that I will be talking about food and meals. If that is something that might bother you then I urge you to click off this post!


Friday I was feeling pretty crap so I was working from home, which meant that I had a lazy breakfast of wholemeal toast with vegan butter (surprisingly tastes exactly the same as regular butter) and marmite.

Lunch was a soy burger, chips and coleslaw. Hey, I never said that this was going to be a healthy week of eating haha!
For dinner I had two Linda McCartney sausages, with (um) chips again… and broccoli.

Friday was not a particularly healthy day, but it was DAMN DELICIOUS!


Luke and I headed up to Birmingham to see one of my besties Fran and her boyfriend James. On the way there we picked up a nakd bar (gingerbread flavour) which absolutely sucked and I do not recommend in the slightest, unless you enjoy the taste of cloves. YICK. So instead I had a veggie sushi snack box.

For lunch, Fran being the absolute hun that she is had made all the meat eaters wraps and made me a bean chilli with fresh guacamole. Get yourself a friend like that guys…

For dinner (alongside several glasses of G&T) we headed to the cosy club in Brum. They have an entirely vegan menu, so I had Thai Green Curry. Honestly, AMAZING.
Went to bed in total food coma.


Sunday morning we went to Boston Tea Party in Brum for a brekkie before heading home. I had the vegan fry up which had toast, baked beans, potatoes, spinach and mushrooms and it was A+.

Luke and I were so full that we skipped lunch in favour of iced coffee from Costa, and for dinner we ordered pizza. (My god this weekly meal plan actually makes me look AWFUL. I promise I don’t eat out this much usually haha!)

I had thought that Pizza Hut did vegan cheese, but sadly the one in my area didn’t deliver on that, so I ended up having a tomato base, with ALL OF THE VEG. I ate about ¾ of this and saved the rest for lunch the next day.


As you can imagine at this point I have literally blown my entire food budget on meals out over the weekend, so I had shredded wheat for breakfast with soy milk.

Lunch was leftover vegan pizza and a banana.

For dinner I tried one of the vegan nut roasts from Tesco, which had peanut and broccoli in. It was hideous to look at, but tasted surprisingly nice. Also I ate an absolute baking tray full of sweet potato and butternut squash because YUM.


Shredded wheat again on Tuesday, except I’ve been swapping to almond milk rather than soy as it’s so much nicer and also apparently I shouldn’t be eating too much soy. Sigh.

Lunch was a vegan cheese bagel, cucumber and hummus and banana.

For dinner we went over to my parents and had a little salad, cous-cous, crisps and French bread mash-up. So good on a hot summer evening.


Breakfast was a bagel with peanut butter and jam. This is fast becoming my absolute guilty obsession but I bloody love it.
Lunch was rice cakes, hummus and strawberries, which was nice but ngl I was bloody ready to eat my own arm when it came to dinner.

Dinner was a solid classic of beans on toast. Can’t go wrong can ya?


Finally, today I had the bagel with peanut butter and jam for breakfast again.

Lunch was vegan sushi and some party rings (oops) and then tonight for dinner I’m planning whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce and courgette.

It’s been quite interesting assessing how healthy and how terrible I’ve actually been this week, but if you enjoyed this post let me know and I might do one again next week!



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