Why I’m taking my fiancées last name

I guess at some point every bride has gone through the same dilemma. Alongside the thousands of other decisions that you’ve got to make about dresses, venues, bridesmaids, cakes, chairs, entertainment and everything else, (aka the stuff that passes with the wedding day) one decision remains: Are you going to take your husband’s name?

For me personally, this is something that I’ve mulled over quite a lot over the past few weeks, but as the title suggests- it is something that I’m going to be doing, so I thought I’d write a little blog post outlining my decision and give you some pointers if you’re struggling with the same thing!

So – what was holding me back?

When we first got engaged the thought about changing my surname literally didn’t even cross my mind. I was so wrapped up in my bubble of excitement (feel free to go be sick at this point) that I didn’t think about any of the logistics. My mind was miles away in honeymoons and babies and houses and all that stuff, so when someone actually asked me out of the blue if I was changing my surname, it took me a while to firmly say yes.

My current full-name is Rachel Alice Hallett. Hallett is my surname and for the past 24 years, it has literally been my identity, the name that I’ve used for everything and tbh, changing your name is a damn logistical nightmare.

I’m super fortunate that my parents are still happily married and I’ve been brought up in a loving and wonderful household. A household full of other Hallett’s who I like having the same surname as! They’re my family and considering that I don’t have any brothers -if both my sister and I decided to take our husbands’ names, it would end the line of Halletts in my family. (That thought kinda makes me quite sad and still does!)

The other aspect is that my current surname is quite unique in the UK. There’s a few of us bopping around, but mainly ‘Hallett’ is an Australian surname and it’s meant that I’ve always felt quite special and unique in that way. Mahoney is a really lovely surname, but I’m sure if we went anywhere with a few Irish people we’d find another one!

Why I’ve decided to take his name:

However, there are several reasons that despite this I have decided to go ahead and change it! (I’ve never considered double-barrelled because I actually think Hallett-Mahoney just doesn’t look or sounds that good!)

The first thing is that we are starting our own family together and hopefully we’ll have kids one day. I’d want to change my name so that all of our family in the future would have the same surname. Plus, we’re part of a new little family unit and it feels kinda nice to have a fresh start that way.

Speaking of fresh starts, I also think that it would be really nice to change my name because of my digital footprint that I’ve accumulated across the internet with my old name. I can’t even imagine the amount of trash that I’ve got with that name floating around cyberspace.

Finally, although I fully believe that everyone should have the choice to change or not change their name, I just think it feels right for me. I’m not sure I really have an explanation for that, as Luke has never asked or put any pressure on me to do it, but I think it’s nice for us to share that as soon as we’re married.

So, I guess from November you’ll be reintroduced to Rachel Alice Mahoney. Lovely to meet you all!



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