Song a day June: Part 4

Hey loves, hope that you’re really well and having a great week! I’m mildly sweating to death as I’m writing this so I’ll keep it fairly brief and just jump right into this week’s playlist:

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June 19th – King Of The Clouds: Panic! At The Disco

I am a massive MASSIVE fangirl for Panic! and have been for about a decade now! Eeek! When did I get so old? This is one of the songs off their latest album ‘Pray For The Wicked’ and I am absolutely loving every second of it. His voice is once again perfection, it’s so catchy and the vocals mixed with the music are flawless. I will be attending all of their UK tour dates tbh. Obsessed.

June 20th – I’m a  Mess: Bebe Rexha

You would be a damn liar if you listened to this and then didn’t get it stuck in your head all day. I bloody love Bebe Rexha and this song came out this day. That’s pretty much the only reason I popped it on the playlist tbh, I just wanted a place to share some of the stuff I’ve been loving this week.

June 21st – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You: Ed Sheeran

This is about a relationship, but it’s also a STRONG MOOD for a lot of other aspects of my life instead of romantic relationships. I was just frustrated with people and realised that I needed to value myself and my time more.

June 22nd – the light is coming: Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

Right… I really don’t know if I like this song still? I’ve put it on the playlist because I thought perhaps listening to it a few times might make me like it more… Idk. Let me know your thoughts in the comments? ( Can’t deny that my brain is on a loop of repeating ‘the light is coming’ in that voice though)

June 23rd – Gold On The Ceiling: The Black Keys

I went to see Oceans 8 with my family today and this was on the soundtrack! It was such a fun movie and reminded me how much I adore this band and this song!

June 24th – Icarus : Emma Blackery

Another new release from Emma Blackery and yet another song that I’m not 100% sure of my feelings towards yet?? Also, apparently the song is about retaliating to people online who want to make you look stupid? Me…? Been there? YES.

June 25th – ARTPOP : Lady Gaga

A huge CBA day where not much interesting happened, so I picked a favourite that I always turn to when I don’t know what else to listen to.

June 25th – Hotter Than Hell: Dua Lipa

Um, it’s hot? That’s it lol.

Hope you enjoyed this week and I’ll catch up with this challenge next week when we’re finishing off June and starting off a brand new playlist EEEK!



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