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So, you might have noticed that I’ve been slightly less active on this blog lately, as I’m finding my time being sucked up with lots of other different things. So, I thought that today I’d give y’all a little update on what’s going on with my life at the moment!

Moving house

I’ve been living in a countryside town (basically a village) for the last year with my fiancé Luke, but a couple of weeks ago we found out that our landlord wanted to sell the house and that we were basically being booted out once again.

Moving is a total ballache, particularly now that we have cats, but it seems that we’ve not really got much say in the matter this time, so we’re currently looking around Bedfordshire area to settle down once again and find somewhere slightly cheaper, (although Luke has started suggesting we move to bloody Manchester!)

I’m excited to find somewhere new, as this house hasn’t been total perfection… but I’m dreading the actual moving process itself! Can we fast-forward to the moment I own my little seaside cottage, please?


It’s no secret that I’ve had a rough start with my new job and have really felt like I’ve been thrown in at the deep end a lot. I’ve been working with some exciting clients however and things are shaping up slightly. Plus, I’m taking the lead on the digital PR for a huge charity and we’re pitching for some health and fitness sector work, which is defo more my kind of thing!

Considering I never had any PR training and I’ve basically learned it all on the job, I’ve gotta say that I’m really enjoying it and I think I’m finally started to get the knack of this whole business!

Work is something I’m consistently striving for more with, plus I’ve thought of a business idea that I’m going to pursue (completely unrelated to my current role) but for now, it’s ite.

Wedding planning

All the invites are sent, the honeymoon is booked (we’re spending 10 nights in Phuket!) and most of the admin bits are ready to go! It’s all feeling very real now. Plus, I can’t wait to share some snaps from my travels to Thailand, as it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time.


As I said above, we’ve booked our honeymoon in Thailand now (I booked through Virgin holidays) and I’m also heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer. It’s something that my cousins have performed at most years, so I’m finally going to make the effort to travel up there and catch a few shows in the meantime. Also, they have a whiskey train tour? What more could ya want?

Mental Health

The only thing that’s been really bad lately has been my mental health. I’ve never been depressed and I’ve always been diagnosed with anxiety, but it felt more like an overwhelming sadness and apathy that came over me for the past couple of weeks.

I feel like I’m moving out of the funk I was in now, but it’s proof that no matter how good circumstances are, mental health doesn’t discriminate.

So that’s it for now! Hope that you’re all doing well and that you enjoyed this little update. I’m going to try and stick with the habit of writing more frequently, so I’ll see you soon.





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