Song a day June: Part 3

Hello loves! So we’re back with another week of the ‘Song a Day’ challenge. I’ve been really down this week (no particular reason, but we all have those weeks) and a lot of my music might have reflected that I’ve not been in the best head-space. However, lots of evenings with Love Island, healthy food and a good dose of family and friends is helping sort me right out! So here’s what I’ve been picking this week:

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 09.13.15.png

June 12th – On Top Of The World: Imagine Dragons

Like I said, I wasn’t in the best headspace this week, so I thought that picking a song as peppy as this to start my week, might just give me the boost of positivity I needed! I’ll probably elaborate more in a future blog post, but for now, that’s all ya need to know.

June 13th – I Like It: Cardi B

Blame my sister for this one! We were talking about running and she said that this is the only song that actually motivates her to get moving. Then, of course, it got stuck in my head for the entire next week. YAY.

June 14th- Leave a Light On: Tom Walker

I actually adore this song and think it’s such a beautiful and powerful tune. It’s about addiction,  but I think a lot of people would relate to feeling lost and struggling in life and needing someone to help them out.

June 15th- Let Me Live: Rudimental, Major Lazer, Anne- Marie

Paha, I could relate this to so many people over the last year or so… I only picked it today because the song was good, but 10/10 relate.

June 16th- Strangers: Halsey, Lauren Jauregui

No reason for this one – but it had just had been a while since I listened to Halsey and this is a damn tune.

June 17th- first dance: Never Shout Never

Again, another throwback from the past. I had this song buzzing around my head when I was showering that morning and although it reminds me of a different time in my life, it’s not necessarily a bad time 🙂

June 18th- Perfect Duet: Ed Sheeran & Beyonce

Not only did EVERYONE I KNOW see either Ed Sheeran or Beyonce this week, but we’ve also got ‘giving notice’ booked in today and this song just reminds me so much of weddings and love and all the mushy stuff!

So that’s it for this week! Let me know if you’re sticking with the challenge in the comments and I’ll see ya soon for another post!




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