Living a life without regrets

Regret is not a word I like in the slightest. I would always rather be the person who tried something, took a shot and it didn’t work out – rather than wait and wonder what could have happened had I given it a shot. So today, I thought I’d write on the blog the ways I’m trying to live my life so that I don’t wake up one day, wishing that I’d done things differently. Enjoy!

I tell the people I love, that I love them

A lot of people have asked me throughout my life how I ‘always manage to have a boyfriends’ – and I’m gonna be honest, it’s probably because I don’t play games when it comes to how I’m feeling in that moment. Sure, I’ve been guilty of leading people on, but when I really like someone, I’m never afraid to make the first move or to tell them how I feel.

The same thing works the other way as well. If I tell someone that I’m really happy and enjoying the thought of the future, then they don’t reciprocate? Sorry, but I am 10/10 done. I think a fundamental part of me living my life without worrying about regretting it, is being honest with my feelings and refusing to waste my time or settle for things that aren’t enough for me. (Plus I’m not a good one to give second chances to people)

I also tell my family and friends how wonderful they are ALL THE TIME, because it’s nice to be nice eh?

I move jobs when I’m unhappy

Now, I’m fully of the opinion that work is work and it’s there to contribute, to give you purpose and to help you feel productive. However, I don’t ever want to waste my time and regret spending my life somewhere 40+ hours a week, that I’m completely miserable.

I’ve tried a lot of different things in my 24-years already, but I’m going to keep searching until I find the thing that gives me the most satisfaction. I guess I’d never be happy sitting still or feeling bummed out.

But it’s also ‘just a job’

Following on from the above point, I think that to me personally, my job is just a job at the end of the day. I don’t work hours of overtime, because it doesn’t bring me joy. I’m determined and motivated, but I’d always put family, friends and fun over my job.

Now, this isn’t one that would apply to everyone, because I’m sure that a lot of people put a huge amount of weight on their career… but for me not feeling regret, I would regret not living my life outside the office!

I try to travel lots

 Yeah yeah predictable, but I’m sure that most people wish that they’d travelled more in their life right? Seeing new places, going on adventures and meeting new people is one of the best parts of life. Last year I managed to go to 6 countries! Although this year I’ve not got as many holidays planned (weddings are expensive ok!) I’m still aiming to go away in the summer to a completely new place and also heading to Asia for our honeymoon.

The memories that you make from travelling will be irreplaceable, trust me!


 Maybe some people don’t enjoy this, but for me there’s no better way to expand what you know, learn something new or just get better at reading/writing, by learning from experience.

Picking up a book is genuinely one of the most valuable things I would suggest doing with your time. Put the phone down for 30 minutes and it will make all the difference.

I’m trying to take the bad in my stride

 Life is never going to be perfect at all times. This year alone we’ve had to deal with some real shit (with the kitten getting sick etc) but there’s so much great stuff to weigh that out, that taking the bad in your stride and moving forward with it, is the best way to keep smiling.

You do you

Finally, I think the biggest thing about regrets in life, is making sure that you’re always doing the things that make YOU happy. Trying to live your life to match or impress someone else? Well shit, who’s going to regret that one day? You and only you.

I’ve been guilty of trying to mimic people I admired, wishing that I could have traits of other people, or choosing paths that I think in hindsight weren’t the best suited for me… but at the end of the day, you’ve got to look out for number one.

So, that’s my advice! If you enjoyed then please leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!



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