Song a day June: Part 2

As I say pretty much every time I do one of these posts, this week has been another hectic week of work, pals, wedding planning and exciting things for me. So a lot of the songs are fairly random choices!

Hope that you enjoy! If you want to see all the previous playlists then check out my ‘music’ category on the blog.

But without further babble, let’s get straight into the playlist for this week:

June 5th – You’re So Vain: Carly Simon

I won’t go into this over the internet, but I was just mad about various things and this felt like a good little song to pop on the playlist. *Shrug* – also if you read that and wondered if it was about you, then may I refer you to the delightfully sassy lyrics 😁

June 6th – Hand In My Pocket: Alannis Morissette

I haven’t listened to Alannis Morissette in TIME, but after I saw ‘Ladybird’ I thought that I’d stick her back into my musical mix.

She’s just got such a beautiful voice and I’ve been really loving her again lately!

June 7th – John Wayne: Lady Gaga

I honestly forgot to choose a song today, but Gaga is pretty much on my playlist to work every day, so I thought she deserved a little mention this week! This song never gets old.

June 8th – Come On Then: Lily Allen

Yay!! More Lily Allen!! I’m so here for her new album. Clearly I was having an incredibly sassy woman kinda week, from the way things are going.

This song was also excellent motivation for the gym, where I’ve finally decided to actually make an appearance!

June 9th – When We Were Young: Lost Kings

I had such a bad nostalgia trip on this day and just got thinking about a whole lotta stuff from the past and people who’ve been and gone. It’s actually triggered a blog post to be written, which you’ll probably see in the next day or so!

June 10th – Tightrope: Michelle Williams

We’ve honestly had the Greatest Showman soundtrack on all weekend as we tidied this house. I reckon this is one of the last ones that I haven’t already added to my monthly playlists… so it’s finally getting a spot.

Plus, ya know, I think we all relate on some level to this song eh?

June 11th – Into You: Arianna Grande

I picked this late at night, but it’s going to be my Monday motivation to get out of bed and deal with another busy week at work. Sigh.

So that’s it for this week! Let me know if you’ve got any musical recommendations in the comments!




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