My goals for June

Blimey, so we’re halfway through 2018 already, and it’s wild how fast this year seems to be going! I’ve just recently turned 24, so the last week or so has been full of celebrations and plans, but I’m aiming for a slightly more mellow month coming up. Here’s what I’ve got planned and the goals that I’ve set myself for June:

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 19.03.13.png

Get some rest

I am by nature the kind of person who loves to keep busy. I love making plans, I love seeing people and my weekends are usually full of driving around seeing family, friends and doing lots of exciting things.  However, I’ve lately been feeling so burned out, and I’ve been trying to take on way too much, with work, wedding planning, social life, eating better and trying to plan the honeymoon.

I really want June to be relaxing and chilled, so I’m going to try to not go insane and make ALL OF THE PLANS. (Although we’ll see how long that lasts!)

Get back into swimming/weights

I’ve recently rejoined the gym, and although I really bloody hate treadmills, my gym has a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool that I can’t wait to (literally) dive into now that it’s a little warmer.

It’s also about 6-months until my wedding day, so I’m really trying to tone up a little bit so that I feel more comfortable in my wedding dress.

Buy some summer dresses

Ok, I’m not being dramatic, but my boobs have literally doubled in size over the last year (I’d blame the pill, but I think I just eat too much cake tbh) so it means I need to invest in some dresses that are slightly less restrictive when I, ya know, try to breathe? I’ve got my eye on some pretty lil’ pieces from Missguided and Topshop, so maybe I’ll throw a haul on here in the next week or so!

Look for our new place

We’ve been living in the countryside of Bucks for the last few months, but it’s proving to not be the perfect place for us (aka, ridiculously expensive) so we’re looking at an entirely new area that I’ve never lived before. We need to keep our eyes peeled for some places and get searching! I hate moving, but I’m excited to move and change things up again.

So, those are my goals for the month! Have you got any goals?




  1. June 7, 2018 / 7:38 am

    I can completely relate to this, I seem to have jumped from illness to illness lately and I’m sure it’s because I’ve been trying to do too much and am run down! You’ve inspired me to set myself some personal goals for the month, thank you! Xx

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