Song a day May: Part 4

Well hello hello. It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the song a day challenge… blame birthdays and the fact May is such a busy month for me! But I’ve finally got around to writing this! I’ve linked the full monthly playlist at the bottom and also my June one, for when the next month begins. Enjoy!

May 22nd: Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

Its been a year since the anniversary of the Manchester terror attack. When I saw that on TV it actually broke my heart, and I was so sad, so hurt and so angry that this kind of thing could happen. A year on, I still feel those things, but I thought this song was the perfect choice, as it’s the one I associate so closely with what happened.

May 23rd: Rewrite The Stars (Instrumental) – The Piano Guys

We’ve been desperately hunting for the perfect wedding music and songs to walk down the aisle to, and when I listened to this I just bloody couldn’t not pick it. I’ve still got some convincing to do with Luke, but considering it’s one of my favourite films, it would be such a beautiful choice.

May 24th: High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco

If you’ve been paying attention to this series, you’ll know that I’m a mega fan-girl of Panic! I’ve been listening to them religiously since I was 14, and when I listened to the lyrics of it, I found them so motivating and inspiring. This song is basically about chasing your dreams and finding that they come true. I’ve been feeling so optimistic about the future, so this seemed like a good’un.

May 25th: Graffiti – CHVRCHES

I have no idea why I picked this tbh… I guess it’s kinda catchy? Although I haven’t listened to it since I put it on the playlist. A completely random choice?

May 26th: Redbone – Childish Gambino

We went to see ‘Solo’ in the cinema, and I forgot how much I bloody love Donald Glover, not only as an actor, but as Childish Gambino. This song is such a mellow tune, that reminds me so much of this time last year!

May 27th: Eight Days A Week – The Beatles

I honestly have the dumbest reasons for picking songs, but I thought this one worked well because it was a bank holiday? Idk, I find myself logical…

May 28th: Birthday – Katy Perry

Um, it was my birthday? That’s about it for this choice I’m afraid!

May 29th: Glitter and Gold – Barns Courtney

We’ve just started watching ‘Safe’ on Netflix, and this is the theme tune to it, so I tracked the song down and I haven’t really stopped listening to it to be honest! If you haven’t watched that series yet, then I highly recommend you get on board. It’s damn good!

So, that’s it for this week. Next week will mean that (holy shit) we’re HALFWAY through the challenge and the year. *gulp*

I’ll finish off May and kick off June then!



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