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I saw a tweet the other day that really sparked my interest. It called on people to list the career path that they had followed so far, to see the twists and turns that can eventually lead to you where you have ultimately ended up.

Considering I’m 23, (nearly 24 eek) I actually think that I’ve had an incredibly varied and interested career history so far. So today, I thought I’d tell ya all a little about the jobs that I’ve had throughout my life so far… be them ones I had for a matter of weeks, to the ones that I spent years at, enjoy:

Here’s the original tweet I replied to if you’re interested (also follow me on Twitter for endless ramblings about nothing!)

Job 1: Shop Assistant – Duration: 6/7 months in total

I’ve actually worked at two shops in my life. The first was a local (and very fancy) shoe-shop, which was the first job I ever had at 17. (I’d done a bit of babysitting prior to this but nothing that you could really call proper work) and this job meant I went up against one of my best friends to get it! In hindsight, the boss was a total creep and I think he actually took a liking to me (ew), but I got the job and started the summer after my AS-Levels.

I’ll be honest, I hated it. Not so much the shock of working, because I was only doing it 3-days in a week, but just the actual physical effort of standing all day, climbing up ladders to get shoes… and dodging as shoe boxes fell on my head. I have never had so many bruises in my life as this job gave me.

The second was as a sales assistant at H&M, a little bit further down the line. I quit because managing that alongside another job and my MA got too much, but I actually do quite like retail. (Yep, I’m a weirdo…)

Job 2: Bar Staff – Duration: 2 months

I got this job at uni at the college student bar to earn some extra money during my time at uni! Although it was okay, I remember finding it quite stressful having to deal with drunk people and sick and sport societies. I didn’t love it and the hours were long and hard, and ya know, being the lazy fuck that I was, I gave it up pretty soon and decided that bar/waitress was not the one for me!

Job 3: Farm Worker – Duration: 3 weeks

I worked at a family friend’s farm in Norfolk for a couple of weeks in the summer so that I could earn some extra money. I didn’t really like it, but I think that was more down to the fact I was away from my family and my boyfriend (because apparently life didn’t function without him back then) and being away from London and all my friends? Well, it was lonely and kinda boring.

Although I came back with the most fabulous tan!

Job 4: Kids Camp Leader – Duration: 2 years seasonal

This was probably one of my all-time favourite jobs I’ve ever had. I worked at a kid’s camp in the summer, which basically meant I got paid to do art, swimming, games, archery and just faff about with a bunch of awesome people.

Yeah, some kids were hard work and the days were knackering… but I bloody loved it.

Job 5: Nursery Nurse – Duration: 9-months

Again, another favourite job. I think we’re starting to develop a theme here! I actually worked more as a gap student/ teaching assistant, but the majority of my day was spent in the nursery! I absolutely love little bubbas, and this job was my fav thing ever. Shame it’s so badly paid or I’d be doing that now.

Job 6: Recruitment – Duration: 4-months

UGH ok, I’m sorry if anyone reading this works in recruitment, but MY GOD HOW? It’s so boring. I didn’t find it particularly challenging, and got kinda annoyed by the continuous chasing of potential candidates (honestly, I felt like a needy girlfriend most of the time)

Job 7: Payroll – Duration: 3-months

UGH. I don’t even want to talk about this job. I hated it. I hate numbers, I’m terrible at maths, and I spent most of the day on the phone to angry people who’s pay wasn’t accurate. Don’t work in payroll. Please.

Job 8: Social Media – Duration: 2 years

This is the job that I’ve held down for the longest time. It was my first ‘real adult shit fuck what’ job I had and held down, and I’ll be honest, I LOVED IT. Social media is something that oozes through my blood lol. I understand it, I love the creativity and if you’re thinking about working in it, you can read about my experience here.

I decided to leave and try something else, just because it’s good to experiment and also I had grown fed-up of my company, but who knows? I’ve got the experience now so I could head back there!

Job 9: PR – Duration: Ongoing

So, my current job is in PR and digital marketing. I’ve been here just over a month now and I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure about it.

I’m aware that there’s always going to be a teething period with anything new, I’m lucky that the people are nice and that it’s super close to home… but I’m not sure it’s going to be one for the long haul.

PR is research heavy, it’s difficult to juggle all these different client needs and I’m not sure that I’m quite the right personality for the job, as I like to feel what I do kinda matters? It’s hard to explain really!

Now what?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I still really have no bloody idea what I want to be doing with my life. It feels a bit like I float between sticking with digital marketing and teaching on the daily… but for now there are other aspects of my life that I’m focusing on.

I’m excited for the wedding, I’m excited to travel more, I’m excited to get fit and eat better, I’m writing on my blog regularly and although work and career has been a huge part of my life, it’s still relatively minor when it comes to all the other fantastic stuff!




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