What I want from ’24’

I know I keep rabbiting on about the fact that I’m getting older and that it’s my birthday soon, and blah blah, yes indeed time has passed (but can you believe it!) – but in all seriousness, I am actually feeling a little bit overwhelmed by this birthday, because 24 to me, no longer feels like ‘early twenties’. In fact, it feels a hell of a lot like ‘holy shit I’m almost in my mid-twenties, shouldn’t I have some idea what I’m doing’…

So, to try and resolve some of my crisis about time passing (not even joking), I wanted to share with you a few of the hopes that I have for the next year of my life. Because 24 is going to be interesting.

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Building a strong marriage

I’m getting married at age 24 (I wish I could have told my 21-year-old self that, she probably would have died laughing) but it’s not just the wedding and the getting married that’s really exciting, it’s the actually being someone’s wife that I’m most looking forward to. In my 24th year, I’ll become Rachel Mahoney (weird weird weird) and I get to actually be married to my best friend. That’s pretty fantastic, right?

Working on ‘the career plan’

I’m currently in a weird state with my career, where I’ve tried out something newer and a bit different. I’m still not sure that it’s the perfect job for me and I do wonder how long I’ll stick it out for, but getting some ideas of what I really want from my future is important. I love digital marketing, I love everything that I’ve learned about it, but I wonder if there’s something else that I might love more?

Trying to look after my body

I drink way too much diet coke, I don’t do any hardcore exercise and I’m the absolute worst for skipping breakfast and then eating 3 biscuits come 11am. It’s not that I think I really need to change my entire life or that I’m suddenly going to pick up amazing habits.. but a few little changes will probably really help!

Pay off the credit card

This shit is weighing me down, it’s a burden and it also sucks for the moment when I want to get a mortgage or look into buying a house. We’re considering moving somewhere cheaper so that we can save some money, and hopefully with that change I’ll be able to get this ticked off!

Enjoy the moment more

I am a BIG worrier. Seriously, even if everything was perfect I’d find something to panic about lol. I’m really trying to embrace all the little moments of happiness that I get throughout the day, I’m trying not to worry so much about the future… and although I have goals and plans I’m happy to try and live a little more in the moment.

Complete the ’50 book challenge’

I’m doing this one as a new year’s resolution, but I love reading and will continue to make time for it! It’s such a great hobby to have because it actually gives me some quiet time with my own mind (which I could certainly use) and actually also feels like I’m learning all the time.

So that’s it! If you’ve enjoyed this post, then take a look at the 23 things I learnt in the last year!



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