23 things I learnt in the last year

As my 24th birthday is fast-approaching (it’s May 28th if ya wanna buy me a present heh), I thought that I’d round up a few of the nuggets of wisdom that I’ve gained in the last year of my life and share them with you. Because if someone is going to make as many mistakes as this kid, you might as well learn from it:


1. There’s no “right time” to do anything

I was in a nearly 3-year relationship, then in another almost 2-year one- but I would never have considered marriage and a life as it would have been ‘too soon’ to do that with them. However, meeting Luke I realised that there is no fucking ‘right time’ for anything. Going with your heart, making the right choices for you and ignoring people who try and bring your happiness down with cries of ‘it’s too soon’ is the best way to live your life.

2. How to boil an egg

OK, don’t freak, but I’d never boiled an egg until the last year. It’s literally just because I don’t really like eggs so I never bothered to cook them… but I tried them on a whim the other day and also learned the best way to cook them. (1 minute boiling them, then 7 mins in the pan off the heat. FYI)

3. Full-time work and applying for new jobs is hell on Earth

I began to hate my job around Jan 2018, but applying for new things, going to interviews and basically having to live a frickin’ double-agent existence is bloomin’ exhausting. Plus, there’s no good way to go to interviews and juggle your job at the same time.

4. Comparing yourself to other women is pointless

You know what’s shitty? Comparing your body, face, personality or achievements to someone else, who you should be cheering on for being a damn girl-boss. I had a whole lot of girl hate in me at one point, but in the last 8 months or so, I’ve learned how lame that is. I’m a full-on fangirl for other women these days!

5. I don’t need to be friends with everyone

I am a people pleaser, I inherently desire people to like me… but I also learned over the last year that it’s not always going to happen like that.

I’ve learned to accept that, although I can do and be as nice as possible, there are just going to be people in the world who don’t mesh well with my personality.

6. I cannot keep nail varnish on

I love nails and how nice they look when they’re all pretty and done, but there is some kind of varnish picking demon inside my body that just can’t help herself. There is literally no point me painting my nails or getting gels these days- because they’ll be bitten and picked at 24-hours later.

7. Cats are the strangest creatures ever

Getting my two kittens is genuinely one of the greatest things that happened in 2017, but god damn they are total weirdos. They miow, run like maniacs around the house, cry for attention then sit on you or run off straight away… WHAT GOES ON IN THOSE LITTLE HEADS?

8. Twitter is a mixed pleasure

I took some time away from Twitter in the last year to understand my relationship with social media better and to break my addictive patterns. Now that I’m back on it I’m realising that it isn’t all bad and that there are lots of positive aspects of social media if you use it right and wisely and take time away from it whenever you can feel a rage beast brewing inside!

9. Weddings cost more than you could possibly imagine

Now look, I knew that they were an expensive thing don’t get me wrong. What I didn’t know was that they would crank the price up by double for EVERYTHING. I mean jeeez man, a girl’s still gotta eat.

10. There are no bad songs on ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack

At a push i’ll skip the first slightly dull minute of ‘From Now On’. But yeah… this is fact. Don’t fight me on it. (Also this is the best movie I saw in my 23rd year. YUP)

11. How to take a flight by myself

I’ve never been on a holiday by myself, I’ve never had the need to… but when I went to Berlin with my old job I ended up making my own way to the airport and onto the flight. Turns out it ain’t that hard!

12. I really REALLY love concerts

I had a phase in my life where I just didn’t seem to go to any live concerts for a long time, but I really got back into the swing of them in my 23rd year! I saw Coldplay, George Ezra, TSTM, YMA6, Tom Jones and Adele (yes I am poor) – and they were all INSANE.

13. It never gets any easier starting somewhere new

I felt like by the time I was nearly 24 I would have learned how to manage new scenarios and start new jobs, but I still had that sick ‘first day of school’ feeling when I moved career! It’s just one of those things!

14. Life is shit, then it’s awesome, then it’s shit again

Life has been the ultimate mixed bag for me in the last month or so. It felt like I had a real run of great luck and then it wore out… but isn’t that life as a whole? There will be good days and there will be better days. But there may also be GREAT AWESOME AMAZING days.

15. I’m more passionate about film than I knew

My mum bought me this poster a while back of the ‘100 films to see before you die’ and it actually sparked a huge love that I hadn’t realised had been brewing for classic movies and learning more about film and directing. I’ve watched some real corkers in the last year!

16. But ‘Taxi Driver’ is still severely overrated

I KNOW that this film is supposed to be brilliant, I do agree that the acting is insane.. but my word I have never felt like a film was so over-hyped in all my life! I would love to hear the opinions of people who consider this a ‘must see before you die’, because I really think I missed something there?

17. Body confidence is a rollercoaster

I’ve felt like my body has changed a lot in the last year or so. My boobs and thighs have got bigger, my body feels more curved and sometimes I think I look fucking awful. However, at other points I think I look like an actual goddess. Body confidence is a journey for me and I’m so lucky to have the body that I do!

18. Rent is expensive. Being an adult is expensive.

I moved out of my family house at age 23, and one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is HOW DAMN EXPENSIVE EVERY SINGLE THING IS. I miss my parents lol.

19. I need to be better with money

The last part of my year as a 23-year-old taught me that now is the time to sort my finances out completely. I’m young enough that I have time to fix any of the little messes I’ve got into, and I’m looking forward to being better and saving in the future!

20. Material things aren’t that important

I know that having new clothes or tech or anything = nice. But part of my being better with money has meant that I’m not spending so much on material items. Experiences are far more valuable.

21. Saying you’re going to do things, isn’t the same as doing them

Hey man, I’ve been guilty of making lists of things that I want to do… but it’s all very well typing out that you’re going to achieve them. What really makes the difference is actually getting off your ass and making things happen! Hence why I am no longer allowed to talk about ‘finishing my book’. I just need to um, finish it?

22. Some things aren’t worth the argument

I’ve found that sometimes silence is the best answer to things. Took me a long time to learn that one, as I’m rude and I hate having to ‘be the bigger person’, but it’s proved really great to actually just not look for things that annoy you or to literally rise above them.

23. There is no such thing as a ‘boring year’ of your life

Nothing worse than people saying that they’re bored. Make things happen! Be more adventurous! Life is exciting and I’m so ready for the next year and being 24! Come at me!!



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