How I’m becoming a more positive person

I wouldn’t ever say that I was a negative person. I try to always smile and be cheerful to everyone I meet, but I do sometimes find myself jumping to ‘worst case scenarios’ or allowing myself to revel in bad things happening. Since there have been a few less wonderful things going on lately, I’ve decided that I’d share some of the ways I try and remain positive with you all! Enjoy:

1- Starting the morning right

One of the huge perks of my new job is how close to home it is! I’m only a 5-minute drive down the road, which means that if I get up at 7, I get around an hour and a half to have a really nice morning.

I’ve been making sure I eat breakfast, I watch some TV or Youtube that will put me in a good mood… and of course that I play with the kittens. Wouldn’t be a perfect morning without them!

2- Music reflects my mood

I am a firm believer that good music can completely throw me out of a bad mood and into a good one. Although I’m partial to a bit of Adele or Lana Del Ray, if I’m not feeling A+ then I’ll stick on some musicals, some disney or just sing loud and proud to old school songs that always make me feel good. If that fails.. then Luke and I have on occassion had a dance party in the living room. What can I say? Whatever works eh?

3- Smile at strangers

I grew up in/around London, which meant that I did as Londoners do, and kept my eyes firmly on my phone or the ground when I walked past people. However, living in the countryside and further out has meant that I’ve begun to realise that EVERYONE SAYS HELLO. Just smiling or nodding at someone is polite and puts you in a much better mood.

4- Checking myself before I post on social media

I am so careful when I post now that nothing could be misconstrued or interpreted as actually being mean or shady towards other people. Sure, I think the thoughts to myself or rant them at someone in person… but what the hell is the point of starting an argument online? It’s just going to upset me/ someone else.

5- Getting outside

UGH I’m a self-confessed countryside girl now. My ultimate dream is to live by the seaside, but for now, just getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying nature is something I find makes me a much happier person.

6- Follow happy people

As I work in social media and digital marketing, it means I spend an awful lot of time online. Although I think social media is awesome it can definitely drain on my mood. I try to fill my feed with interesting, creative and happy influences, so that the things that I see motivate me to be better.

7- Gratitude

I know it sounds cringe and awful, but I actively try and count great things in my life when I find other things are failing me. So, for every cat surgery and bad day at work… I’ve got a home, a family, a gorgeous boyfriend, food, holiday plans, awesome friends… It works a damn treat!

8- Decide to be happy

Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re suffering from a mental illness, but sometimes if I’m feeling a bit low I have to actively choose to get up, get smiling and putting a brave face on things. There’s a reason they say ‘fake it till you make it’ eh?

Hope you’re all enjoying your weeks! (I promise I’ll get some proper longer-read blogs out soon. Just been a hectic few weeks.)




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