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If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am very bad with money.

I wrote a blog about it once before (An ode to those who are bad with money) and I really don’t think there’s any shame talking or admitting to my friends, family (or ya know a bunch of strangers on the internet) that I am not very careful with my finances.

I’m impulsive, I have a huge ‘treat yoself’ mentality, and although I adore my parents more than anything, they are equally as bad as me, so I’ve not learned good habits growing up.

It’s my own fault, and it’s something I’ve been working on, but when I’ve spoken about it before I’ve often made it a joke.

I’ve often used humour to laugh that I can’t afford food for the last day of the month, that it’s hilarious that ‘lol i’m a poor millennial’ and I’ve often said the words ‘you can always earn more money, but you can’t have experiences again’ to justify not putting any of my paycheck to one side and spending it on holidays or concert tickets.

But, my recent experience over the last week has shocked me a bit. It’s jolted me into action to realise that I really can’t be like this anymore, and that I actually need to start building up a fund for a rainy day.

I have a great (and very well paid) job for a 23-year-old. I easily could make some changes to my lifestyle, but up until now I’ve never had the motivation.

So what’s changed?

My kitten Buzz got ill recently. His surgery one cost around 5000 pounds, his overnight vet bills are around 500 for monitoring and 90 for a simple stay at the vets. He’s potentially going to need his other kidney sorted out (another 5000) and I’m not gonna lie, the finance is fucking scaring me.

Now, before anyone even has the thought ‘you shouldn’t have pets if you can’t afford them’, let me first point out a couple of things:

  1. We do pay for insurance on our cats.
  2. The majority of cat surgeries wouldn’t even come close to a claim on the insurance
  3. This surgery is top of the range, crazy expensive
  4. We have and are making it work

So, I guess if this experience has brought about anything it’s a change in my attitude to my finances. I won’t be scoffing at people who put money away “for a rainy day”, because realistically that isn’t boring, it’s smart thinking.

Our rainy day has arrived and neither Luke or I have planned for it. Our kitten needs this surgery as the other option doesn’t even deserve thinking about.

We made a commitment to Buzz to look after him through thick and thin, so that’s what we’re going to do, but I won’t lie- I really foresee a lot of financial anxiety in the future.

We’ve used our honeymoon money to pay for this, we’ve had to lean on family and friends… and although we’ve done everything we can for him so far, there might be more things in the future to think about.

I guess what I’m saying is that, it’s sad that it took such a fucking shitty thing to happen to change my attitude, but yup, hopefully the next time I’m writing about money, it will be how well I’m doing in making the change and learning to spend more wisely and better.



If you’d like to donate to Buzz’s fund then please follow the link:


It would mean the absolute world to me! <3

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