Putting a brave face on things

I have often been told that I am a resilient person. I guess because I’ve dealt with a few pretty shitty things in my life (I mean who hasn’t) but it’s something that I’m quite proud of myself for, that I try to not let adversity and hardship affect me too strongly. I try to, as the title suggests, put a brave face on the situations that come my way, and deal with the hand I’ve been dealt.

Well that’s exactly what I’m dealing with right now. Another one of my brave face situations has come up, and if you read one of my latest updates you might know that we’ve been having the worst time at the moment, as our kitten is unwell.

He’s been diagnosed with kidney problems and stones in both of them, but one of them is currently causing a blockage.

I won’t lie, the last few days have been a blur for me. The last week has been one of the most emotionally difficult, stressful and tough of my life.

I started my new job this week, which threw everything up in the air. I’ve spent every evening at the vet, driving buzz to different vets or crying with worry.

It’s been hard at the new job to try and learn, to make friends- and I’ve been trying to be bubbly, be myself, crack jokes, seem friendly and approachable, but I can feel my brave face faltering slightly right now.

This surgery is putting a lot of strain on us financially as its so expensive our insurance can’t pay the full amount, and Luke and I are both emotionally at breaking point.

We’re both constantly worrying about the future and how our little guy is going to cope with a chronic condition.

But the thing is, it’s these moments that bind you even more as a couple. Dealing with hard times are the things that really make you a stronger person ultimately.

Even though I wish more than anything that this wasn’t happening, it is.

So, I’m dealing with my hand I’ve been dealt and making the best of this situation.




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