Song a day April: Part 2

Well, this has been the shittest week of my entire year, to be honest – so I’m trying to channel a lot of my energy into productive things like blogging, reading, and listening to lots of new music to keep my worried brain busy.

So here’s what I’ve been listening to this week:


April 8th- Sober: Tom Grennan

WHY did it take me so long to discover this guy? I think his voice is absolutely fantastic, something so original and also THIS SONG IS A BANGER. I picked it because we were driving back from Center Parcs and I needed a mood boost/ road trip vibe. I’m hoping to try and catch him live at some point this year.

April 9th- Don’t Play: Halsey

I had an awkward and very annoying conversation with someone I used to know and I was just pissed off, to be honest. Rudeness or lack of manners drives me insane.

April 10th- My Medicine: The Pretty Reckless

I started my new job today! But I really needed a badass woman to give me a little bit of confidence and spunk to make a good first impression…

April 11th- Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself: Jess Glynn

I started my new job the day before and I was already beating myself down for not being 100% on top of everything. Ridiculous.

I’m such a damn cheerleader for most people, but I find it very hard to be kind to myself… so this is my song to remind me that I’m doing a decent job and that I AM NEW. I AM ALLOWED TO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING.

April 12th- You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Randy Newman

The last day or so has been some of the worst of my life, with our little fluffy baby being unwell and being at work all day and at the vet all evening.

  I wanted a song that reminds me of him, and since he and Woody are clearly named after Toy Story characters, this one was perfect. (Although I’m gonna probably sob whenever I hear this one now)

April 13th- Breaking Down: Florence and the Machine

Yeah. Pretty clear why I picked this one. Also it’s a beautiful song that means an awful lot to me.

April 14th-Glamourous Indie Rock and Roll: The Killers

This popped up on a shuffle yesterday and I just bloomin’ forget how much I love this song… although apparently, Brandon Flowers hates it, so lol that’s good times.

So that’s it for this week! Hopefully next week things will feel a little better and we can have some slightly more upbeat music!




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      April 14, 2018 / 8:18 am

      Thank you 💜

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