On moving jobs

So this week you may know (if you read this blog regularly or follow my ramblings on Twitter) – I’ve started my new job!

I’ve got a ‘career story’ coming soon, so I’ll spare you the details of why I’ve ended up where I am, but in short, I’ve moved away from social media account management, and I’m in an SEO and PR agency, doing digital account management for a variety of different clients.

PR is something that I’ve had an inkling for, for the longest time, but it’s difficult to find an agency that will take you on (at the same salary) when it isn’t your specific skill-set. So I guess I’ve got lucky in one very major way.

So- how was my first day?

Well, I’ve been feeling pretty out of my depth if I’m honest. I’m aware that I’m new and I’m not expected to know all the process and procedure, but I had such a horrible sense of “new kid at school” feeling in my bones as I went into the office yesterday.

It’s never easy starting anywhere new, but leaving behind my best friends at my old job and having to begin again has been tough. I’m entering an office without my work wife by my side, I’m entering an already established group of friends and I’m nervous about it.

The other thing is that I’m not a PR expert by any means. From a social media and comms perspective, I’m pretty solid. I feel confident in that and the PR is something I’m still a little unsteady on my feet on.

I’m trying to work hard, learn fast and embrace what I can about the early stages of a job, but I’m still just a scared little girl inside who’s actually very worried about screwing up this opportunity.

I guess that ultimately, it takes everyone time to settle in somewhere new. It’s always going to be an overwhelming situation when you’re starting fresh, learning new process and dealing with things that you just aren’t that comfortable with yet, but ultimately it’s the same for everyone I suppose.

I know that it’s going to take me time (Christ I remember my first few weeks at my old job were a damn disaster!) but I know I’m competent, capable and that I can do this!



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