Song a Day April: Part 1

Hello lovelies! So we’re onto another week of music. This one is so painfully predictable for me- but whatever, it’s my damn playlist hehe. Enjoy:

April 1st: Last Young Renegade – All Time Low

I genuinely have meant to put this song on my playlists since the beginning of the year, as it’s one of those songs I always turn to when I don’t know what I feel like listening to. So, let’s start April off strong with a bit of All Time Low!

April 2nd: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance

I posted a tweet the other day that I still stan MCR even though it’s been 5 years and this song is just 100% why. It’s such musical excellence. Also, I really was not okay today. I think I was in the worse mood I’ve been in since about 2008 tbh.

April 3rd: Budapest – George Ezra

Today Emma and I went to see Mr. Ezra himself at the O2 in Brixton. This is the first song of his that became a hit and it’s the song that I always associate with the only good bits of my third year of uni. Love this dude and his beautiful liquid gold voice.

April 4th: Shotgun – George Ezra

I mean, this is just my favourite song off his new album. Also he is an absolute delight live, if you ever get the chance then definitely make sure that you go and see him! What a gorgeous goofy lil weirdo.

April 5th: Helena (So Long and Goodnight)- MCR

I love this song so so much and it was the last day at my current job, so in a way it kinda worked? So long and goodnight indeed!

April 6th: One Kiss – Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa

Idk it was new music Friday and I thought this one was pretty catchy, although regretting my choice after listening to the new TSTM album. Still, I reckon this will be a good song for the summer!

April 7th: Old Pine – Ben Howard

I’m in Center Parcs this weekend! This is one of my favourite Ben Howard songs and it reminds me so much of summers as a teenager and amazing memories. Seemed appropriate for a weekend hiding in the woods with all my favourite people.

You can check out the full playlist below!


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