Onto the next adventure

So, the day is finally here! It’s my last day of work at my current job and next week I start my brand new adventure at another agency.

Although I’ve had casual jobs on and off since I was 16, the job that I’ve had for the last two years has been my first “I’m a real grown ass adult” job that I’ve stuck with. (Let’s not talk about the two months of hell that I spent working in payroll *shudder* )

Full-time, hard work and a total learning curve for me. These are the things that I’ve learned about work and myself in the last two years:

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Going it alone

I started my job in June and I broke up with my ex about two-weeks into it. It literally felt like my entire life had changed in the space of a few weeks. I was somewhere new where I didn’t have a damn clue what I was doing, I was out of a relationship and it kind of gave me a new lease of life being at this job. I threw myself madly into my work, and I genuinely LOVED my job for the first year. Like, what a weirdo. I used to enjoy Monday mornings??

But in all seriousness, this job gave me a huge lease of independence. Sure, I was living with my parents- but it allowed me to pay for everything myself, to work hard, to feel like I really owned something in my life… and that honestly made me feel SO good about myself.

Dealing with clients

I work in an agency which means that I’m constantly dealing with clients on a daily basis. Most of them are bloomin’ gorgeous and lovely people, who appreciate the hard work that we put in and I always have constructive meetings with.

However, it ain’t all sunshine and roses. Agency work is hard HARD work. You are constantly the source of blame, you have to think quickly on your feet and you are basically your client’s bitch.

Dealing with rudeness

If the world of work taught me anything, it’s that people can be damn rude. Part of what I’ve had to learn over the last few years is a way of replying to people in a non-confrontational or aggressive way. I’m learning still how to approach micro-managers and I’m certainly a lot better at holding back my sass and my wild mouth these days.

Dealing (or not dealing) with stress

Work is stressful and tiring. Towards the end of my time here I began to find that it was becoming very consuming and engulfing… I was bringing work home with me and letting it ruin my free time, but I’ve definitely got better at dealing with stress. I’m learning still when to dedicate my time and attention to things, and I’ve also learned my triggers for stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Calling in sick isn’t really an option

Ya know when you’re at uni and you just don’t fancy rolling out of bed for your 9am? Yeah, turns out adulthood doesn’t work like that. Calling in sick if you aren’t actually sick is kinda shitty because it means that other people have to pick up your work slack and you’ll just get behind. I am fundamentally quite an ‘ill person’ and I always seem to get what’s going around the office, but I’ve learned that some tissues, a coffee, and some medicine can usually push me through the day!

Taking criticism

I am very very bad at taking criticism, but as an employee growing and developing in a company I’ve had to sometimes take it, not as a bad thing or a reflection of my character, but as a ‘this is how to improve and be better’. It’s never easy to not feel defensive, but it’s something I am really working on. Hey man, I’ve got my own flaws!

I am a valuable employee

Self-confidence in my abilities does not come easily to me. I’m always doubting myself and feeling insecure that what I’m doing is good enough, but hell- I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I work really hard (most of the time), I’m punctual, I’m a fast-learner and I’m leaving this job feeling proud of the skills that I’ve honed.

It’s the people more than anything

I am SO lucky that I’ve made some amazing life-long friendships here. These people are the ones I spend most of my time with and I’m hella lucky that they’re all brilliant fun, intelligent and love being silly. I wouldn’t have made it through some of the hardest moments of my life without my work wife tbh.

Ah, it’s so weird, it feels like the end of an era! Onwards and upwards eh?



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