Looking forward to April

Well, you can tell how organised I’m already being this month by the fact that this post is 3 days late, I’ve had a little blip in my blog posting and I’m generally still trying to shake off the relaxation of the Bank Holiday weekend and getting back into the work mindset.

March was an absolute corker for me, with lots of exciting treats and family time- so here’s what’s coming up in April:


George Ezra

YAY! This is actually happening tonight, but my work wife Emma and I are off to see George Ezra in the flesh! I’m really excited as I’ve loved his music for a few years now and it’s always nice to do something on a school night to break up the week a bit.

Center Parcs

This time last year I’d already traveled to Morrocco, Berlin, and Dubai… whereas this year we’re keeping things a little more low-key! I haven’t been to Center Parcs since I was a child, but my family (Luke included) are all bundling off there next week for some much-needed relaxation. ( I mean it’ll probably be more being idiots in the pools and doing high ropes…)

New job

Yup. Shit. I leave my job this week and start my new job on the 10th April. To say I’m bricking it would be an understatement, but it’s going to be so good for me to do something new and change it up a bit. Plus, it’s so close to my house that I’m hella excited to not have to travel too far!


I wrote a post a while back called I’m giving up the gym- where I basically shared that I was sick of the gym and everything about it. However, I should have titled it ‘I am a lazy oaf and I don’t want to exercise anymore’ as I’ve been SO rubbish lately at finding things that I want to do for exercise.

I’m going to really try and make more effort to go rock climbing in the next few weeks, and I’m also trying to find either a dance class or some kind of kickboxing/ boxercise. (Lara Croft had a good influence on me ha!)

What have you got coming up this month?



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