Song a day March: Part 4

Woohooo we’re back on track! I’ve been really loving the new music that’s been released lately and also shout-out to TSTM for always giving me a musical boost to start enjoying this again!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:


March 22nd- Karma: ALMA

I mean holy shit this is such a bop! I’ve been really loving ALMA lately and this one has been blaring out of my Spotify for a while now. I had the laziest day ever at home tbh, so I couldn’t relate this to my life, but it’s an excellent choice for cleaning and tidying!

March 23rd- (Fuck A) Silver Lining: Panic! At The Disco

I have loved Panic! for years now (and no it’s not just because Brendon Urie was like my damn sexual awakening) – but every time they bring out new stuff it’s always SO catchy, SO good and I get obsessed with it. I gotta say this one took a couple of listens to get over the weird intro, but I haven’t stopped listening since.

24th March: Be Our Guest: Beauty and the Beast Motion Picture Soundtrack

Awh this song is so cute. My family and I went to the Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea at Kensington Town Hotel today and this is clearly the only choice of song. It was literally fabulous by the way if you’re a fan of the Disney and anything cute and novelty.

25th March: Cake by the Ocean: DNCE

Oh, my bae Joe Jonas. I had the busiest weekend ever and headed off to Ronnie Scott’s this day, so I was tempted to choose a lil jazz number. However, that evening I went to see ‘Dancing on Ice Live’ and this song just got absolutely stuck in my head. What can I say…

26th March: Flames- Sia & David Guetta

I was 10/10 lacking any motivation at all to go to work today. It’s impossibly hard to care when you know you’re leaving, so I threw on a bit of Sia to try and get me through the boredom. This song is absolutely insane. What a fucking voice, my god.

27th March- Closer To The Edge: Thirty Seconds To Mars

AGHHH FINALLY. Today was the day that Luke and I finally got to see TSTM in the flesh. I am so bloody happy and this is undoubtedly their best song. I really think they’re probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen live. (Nothing is ever knocking MCR off my top spot)

28th March- Do or Die: Thirty Seconds To Mars

I know I wrote that Closer To The Edge was my favourite song but after last night… I am OBSESSED with this one all over again. There was so much singing, happiness and awesomeness around me that made me incredibly happy last night. So I’m gonna use my song of the day to relive it hah!

29th March- London Bridge: Fergie

I literally don’t even know why I put this on here, I didn’t even go to London lol. But it came up on one of my Daily Mixes and I forgot how much of a corker it is.

30th March- Your Song: Lady Gaga

Awhhh man Gaga did a cover of this and I just couldn’t not pick its! This song one of my favourites anyway (when Ewan McGregor sings it in Moulin Rouge) but I just loved her version of it! I also haven’t really listened to her a huge amount since the tour got cancelled so this one was nice to ease back in with!

31st March- Roman Holiday: Halsey

I mean I’m laughing at myself right now for buying tickets to see Halsey in London when I’ve also planned a hen-do that night. Ah well… this one is one of the first songs of hers I loved before she hit the big leagues! A damn queen this one.

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