March: Week 3/4

I honestly said to my mum at the end of 2017, that I didn’t think I’d have a particularly busy 2018 and that I didn’t have much planned… well, um, that was never going to happen, was it? The last couple of weeks have been absolutely bloomin’ insane for me, with new jobs soon starting, birthdays and a ridiculous amount of treats and evenings out. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

The first few days of the week were the ones where I was set to head off on my Berlin trip! I actually managed to make it to Heathrow and navigate my way to the plane by myself (which is probably not impressive to most people, but I’ve never done that so shhh)

I was working at a conference on Infrastructure Investment (riveting I know) and staying dead in the centre of Berlin. If you work in social media or have ever done it for an event, you’ll know that these conferences are probably the most intense and draining parts of the job.

You are quite literally cramped into a corner, with a laptop on full-steam, trying to get as much decent content out as is humanly possible in that time! I was working around 12+ hours every day, but it was so nice once we were out of the building to actually go for a decent meal and enjoy wandering around the streets a little bit!

If you read my update on my anxiety ( When my OCD holds me back ) I am happy to report that I did, in fact, manage to see the Brandenberg Gate, the Holocaust memorial and the gold angel statue that I have absolutely no idea what it’s called.

Berlin is such an awesome city and I’m really going to try and head back there with Luke by the end of the year, just for a little mini-break. There’s so much amazing stuff that I want to see and explore… plus, it’s kind of ridiculous that I’ve been there twice and have never had more than a few hours to actually look around.

When I got back I was actually knackered. I don’t just mean ‘a bit tired’, I mean, ‘I had to call in sick to work because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open or face human beings’ kind of tired.

My breathing was also really tight which was absolutely no fun at all, but actually, once most of the stress of the week had passed it seems to have settled ok.

I’ve been diagnosed with asthma by a couple of doctors, but I’m 100% convinced I don’t have it, and actually, it’s just the way that my anxiety comes out as a symptom in my body. Weird huh?

I spent the next couple of days just trying to feel better and home, resting up and also watching a hella lot of ‘Jane the Virgin’- THIS SHOW IS AMAAZINGGG.

By the time the weekend arrived, I was SO EXCITED. My sister and I are incredibly close and she was heading back from uni for a whole month, after handing in her dissertation and before all her final year exams start.

Also look at this damn cake that my mum made…

As it was her birthday on the 23rd, I had also decided that for her present I would take her and Mamma and Papa Hallett out for afternoon tea.

We went for the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ afternoon tea at Kensington Town Hotel, as we’re both massive Disney geeks and I’d seen about 107 million people review this one well.

Honestly? It was absolutely adorable!! The tea itself is pretty expensive if you also go for it with a glass of champagne (I think it’s around 50 quid pp) but they give you so much lovely food, the service is amazing… plus there’s so much Disney memorabilia everywhere!

(Please ignore super strange expression, Anna was making me laugh as she took this)

As if that wasn’t enough, my parents had also surprised us (plus Luke and grandma) with a trip to Ronnie Scott’s on Sunday lunchtime.

I’ve never been before, but since I’ve basically been brainwashed into loving jazz music by my dad I was so bloody excited to go to one of the world’s most famous jazz clubs.

The cocktail menu there is absolutely insane, but I opted for a ‘Passion Lillie’ (which I think is basically just gin and sugar and passion fruit) but it was so damn delicious!

Obviously, Lukem opted for the lamest drink on the menu 😉 (Basically just vodka and watermelon juice) although it was actually pretty tasty as well.

I think the whole vibe of Ronnie Scott’s is just so much fun. We had food whilst listening to the performances, and it’s such a chilled and relaxed place. Would 100% recommend taking parents or slightly older relatives, as my grandma was having an absolute bop next to me haha!


God, I actually feel like a brat writing this but for Anna’s birthday, she’d also got tickets to see Dancing on Ice Live, which happened to fall on the same evening!

I’m not a die-hard fan of the show, but I’ve gotta say it was actually so much fun.

Also, quite a memorable thing to have seen Torvill and Dean dance together in the flesh!

There have been a couple of fairly mundane days in-between all the fun (although I did see ‘Isle of Dogs’… you can read my review here)


I properly discovered TSTM when I was around 15 I think, and saw them live for the first time at Reading Festival in 2011. I literally had never had more fun at a live show (I’d also lost all my pals and was sat on a stranger’s shoulders!) but I had such incredible memories of seeing them, that I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Honestly, I have no idea why it has taken me this long (probably due to the fact that I was dirt poor as a student and could never afford tickets) but luckily for me my other half is also a huge fan.

Although they were an hour late on (grumble grumble) as soon as they started the set, they 100% made the entire audience forget that they’d been getting slightly techy. Jared Leto is honest to god one of the best performers I have ever seen live.

I honestly screamed, cried and sang so much- that as I’m writing this I’m sucking on a Lemsip to stop my sore throat. Totally worth it of course.

If you ever get the chance I would 100% reccomend that you make the effort to go. They are just the best thing ever live (and I will not be waiting another 7 years to get to see them again!)

So that’s been the last few jam-packed days! Hope you’ve all had lovely busy weeks as well.



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