Song a day March: Part 3

I have had 0 enthusiasm for this lately I won’t lie… I’ve been tempted to stop bothering – but at the same time, I’ll get such a satisfaction when it gets to the end of the year so….? (Damn my need to complete things!)

Ah well, hopefully, my enthusiasm for this will pick up next week, but here are the songs that I’ve been choosing in the meantime:

March 15th- Soap: Melanie Martinez

I have a real problem where I don’t think my words through before I blurt them out sometimes, but I’m trying this thing when I give people the benefit of the doubt (sigh)

So this one fits very nicely for today hehe. Also, I haven’t popped a Melanie Martinez on any of my playlists yet which is weird, because I bloomin’ love her music and how different it is to usual.

March 16th- Dirt: Emma Blackery

Yay Emma has finally started releasing her new music!! I get such Taylor Swift vibes off this song because it’s so damn snakey but I kinda love it. It’s not my favourite song of hers but I had it on repeat for most of the day and it got really stuck in my head.

March 17th- We are the foolish: General fiasco

It’s St. Patrick’s day so I’ve dedicated my song to my fav lil Irish band! I used to adore these guys when I was about 15 and saw them live several times in little venues in Camden where they would meet us afterward! What delightful humans… shame that they don’t make music anymore.

March 18th- You Must Love Me: Lana del Rey (from Evita)

I adore musicals and Evita is one of the ones that I’m still crying to see (thanks, Mumma, and sister for going without me boo) but this combines two of my favourites! I was also kinda nervous about flying to Berlin, but her voice is so calming I kinda adore it.

March 19th- The Airplane Song: Scouting For Girls

I flew to Berlin today and I forgot how perfect this song actually was. I bloomin’ adored this band back in the day (even though let’s not lie, 90% of their songs sound the same)

March 20th- ScheiBe: Lady Gaga

I’ll be honest I didn’t have a single minute to actually listen to any songs today because I was working flat-out from 7am to 10pm. But when in Germany, choose a song with German lyrics aye? Also, I needed the confidence boost of this one today! I am a strong female wooooo!

March 21st- This is Me: The Greatest Showman

Couldn’t help myself- I needed a musicals fix today. Also, I’m just feeling 10/10 paranoid and anxious and shitty, but the best cure for that is undoubtedly a great song like this one!

You can check out the playlist here:

Hope you’ve all had lovely weeks,



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