Things that are making me happy at the moment

Life can be tough sometimes, and for the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt like my anxiety has been very high and I’ve just been constantly on edge and not quite my usual, loud and happy-self. So, I thought I’d take it back to basics and share a couple of the things that I’m grateful for and are bringing my ALL OF THE JOY at the moment:

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My cats

I mean, if you didn’t expect my babies to be on the list then you clearly don’t know me in the slightest. There is nothing that brings me so much joy as seeing them bound down the stairs when I get home from work, they’re constantly a source of hilarity and gosh I just love them to pieces. Ain’t nothing better than having a little fluffy baby to snuggle when times are tough!

Spring is um.. springing!

Although there’s a weather warning for snow tomorrow (mega lol) it defo feels like the weather is warming up and there are hints of spring, lighter evenings and green everywhere! I’m such a gremlin in the winter and I can’t wait to actually get outside in the evening for drinks at the pub and walks in the fresh air


I know. Who the hell even am I? Who puts Maccys on their happy list haha! But up until about a year and a bit ago I never EVER ate the stuff. Mainly down to my eating disorder not letting me, if I’m being honest. So it’s SO nice to be able to indulge now and then without feeling all of the food guilt. I know it sounds silly, but if you’ve recovered from your own ED, you might realise how snazzy these little wins make you feel!

My Cineworld unlimited card

I love film and I love the cinema. There’s nothing better than that big screen, watching it with a group of people and totally immersing yourself for 2-hours or so (if I watch films at home I often get easily distracted by phones or cats)

Having the unlimited card has meant that Luke and I have a date night at least once a week where we take a trip to our local cinema and indulge in what’s showing. Also- thank you Hollywood for some cracking movies that are out at the moment. I am very much here for the year of the leading lady!

Wedding planning

I know that everyone keeps saying how stressful doing this is, and in a way organizing all the fiddly little details is a bit overwhelming… but it’s actually all starting to feel VERY REAL now. We’ve got all the main parts of it sorted and it’s just fun details (pic n mix table and magicians) that I actually am focusing my energy on. Can’t believe how fast it’s creeping up on us.

Afternoon teas

I am honestly SO excited to go to the Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea for my little sister’s birthday. It’s going to be so cute and nice to spend time together and I’ll be honest, I just can’t wait for her to be home! Plus, feed me all the cake and sandwiches. YAS.

Spotify playlists

Still, 10/10 enjoying making my daily Spotify playlists (which you can check out here) – but it’s such a motivation for me to keep listening to new music and finding out new bands and artists who I might not have previously discovered.

Travel plans

I’m off to Berlin on Monday evening for work (but I’ll probably get a little time to do some nosing around the city) – plus, we’re starting to look into Honeymoons! If anyone has any recommendations, then hit me up.

So that’s it! What are you feeling happy about at the moment?



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