Why Khloe Kardashian is problematic (again)

I’ve written before about Khloe Kardashian. It wasn’t even that long ago that I was pulling apart her ‘revenge body’ statement and examining the pressure that she was putting on young people to lose weight and look a certain way.  Now? Not a few months later she’s back at it again, but this time it’s about her new show and the title that she has chosen for it.

The show is about Khloe sharing her hacks for lazy girls and how to keep clean and tidy… and wait for it, the TV show is called ‘Khlo-C-D’

Yep. Khlo-C-D.

Cos like, do you get it??! It’s about cleaning and also it’s like OCD. HAHA WELL DONE KHLOE GOSH YOU’RE SO CLEVER (internally screams)

I’ve made my general distain for the Kardashian clan clear across my social media platforms for the last few years, but I try to not actively participate in trolling or negativity unless it requires it. But I’m afraid, Khloe Kardashian has once again proved to me that she is a hugely problematic person, with very little worldview and a huge lack of understanding- and here’s why:

Although OCD being associated with cleanliness and being obsessively tidy is nothing new, allowing her TV show to be called this just perpetuates an already shitty stereotype that people who have OCD must deal with all the damn time.

I probably hear on a weekly-basis ‘omg I’m so OCD’ and to be honest, I’ve accepted that this is a thing that might slip out of people’s mouths on occasion. Much like saying ‘oh god I’m so depressed’, ‘you’re so bipolar’ or ‘fucking hell I’m anxious today’- a lot of these day to day phrases have been bandied about and have meant that people become desensitized to the actual mental illness that they’re relating to.

It’s a daily reality, but it’s one that frustrates the fuck out of me, and one that I will continue to call people out on whenever they say it.

OCD quite literally took over my life, it invades my every thought and there have been times when I have not been able to function as an adult because it has been so debilitating.

OCD is not a casual desire to be tidy (or god knows my house would look about 109x nicer) and it’s not the need for cleanliness. Of course, it can include that- but for most people, it’s about battling your brain demons on the daily and being in a constant fight between your rational and irrational mind.

So, when an international icon (for some), with a huge following and staggering influence, buys into this stereotype- I’m gonna bloody say something.

A mental illness is not a marketing strategy. A mental illness is not a clever play on words to use for your own purposes. A mental illness is not light-hearted, punny or something that you can use like this.

I’m just envious of you for being able to live in such a bubble that this sort of thing would never cross your mind.

But I’m not forgiving you.

Try harder next time when you’re branding something under your name. Work harder to educate yourself- and god help me if I ever feel the urge to write about Khloe Kardashian EVER AGAIN.



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