Why I’m using Twitter again

I left Twitter around November last year. It had been a long time coming for me I think, with countless causes of irritation and feeling like I was constantly having my time sucked away by how addicted I was to the dreaded social media. (No word of a lie, I’ve had RSI in my thumb about 3-4 times in the last year)

I had begun to find that I couldn’t go for more than an hour or so without my fingers itching to pick up my phone, to write every boring mundane little detail of my life out- and as I am a woman of no half-measures, I decided that the only solution was to delete, deactivate and bring myself back into the real world away from posting on social media as frequently.

And honestly? It was glorious.

I had 6 months where I barely went on the platform, was using Instagram much less frequently and I spent so much less time with my eyes endlessly scrolling up and down feeds- that after around 15 days or so I couldn’t really imagine bothering with it again.

Genuinely, I also believe that my mental health was considerably improved by the break as I wasn’t arguing with other people or reading horrible news stories that wound me up and aggravated me. (Rare occurrences but it did happen!)

So, you’re probably wondering why the hell I’ve rejoined the app if I’ve whiffled and raved for the last 6-months or so about how much easier life is without?

Well, I guess that the reason I’ve been slowly easing back in has been pretty simple. I miss the social environment of it.

I like the fact that there are communities online and although I’ve connected with several people by using the WordPress reader tool and Instagram, I’m finding it hard to feel like I’m not a little bit isolated from the blogging community.

There’s nothing that I loved more about Twitter than the sharing and friendship aspect of it (yep I know laaaame) but it’s a fact, that Twitter is the best way to form new connections, find lovely new blogs to read and a great way to form online friendships.

The other thing that I think has changed since I last had it, is that I’ve actually come to realise that I didn’t really need to use it as much as I had been before.

My social media use and the way that I approach my addictive personality- is that I’m trying to only use it when I’m at a desktop these days. I work in social and my life is pretty swallowed up by it, but I try to always leave my phone upstairs these days so that I can pay better attention to the world and the people around me.

I feel like going cold-turkey has meant that I can better assess and enjoy the platform every now and then, rather than being a total twitter addict!

I do enjoy the platform and I think now that I know it isn’t the be all and end all, I’ll hopefully have a much healthier relationship with it. So, we’re back online for a little while to see how it goes.

If I’m finding that I’m wasting my life on it again or it’s damaging my mental health then that’s the beauty of it- delete delete delete!

But for now, if you wanna give a lass a follow (since I’ve had to start from scratch and I am a beg) you can find me at @rach_alice_



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