Song a Day March: Part 2

I am absolutely LOVING the song choices that I’ve added to my playlist this week. It’s been a manic one, what with some exciting life updates and a busy time for me… so here’s the playlist I’ve been using to get through it:

You can check out Part 1 here!

March 8th: Run the World (Girls): Beyoncé

International women’s day yaaaaaz! So I perfect song choice to feel a lil bit of empowerment. I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan (except Drunk in Love is a goddamn masterpiece) but this song really gets my hips wiggling and I felt amazing today… plus I also got offered a new job! Who run da world? RACH.

March 9th: Hold My Girl: George Ezra

I chose a Marina and the Diamonds song this morning and then the lil sneak that is George Ezra released this and I died a tiny bit inside. It’s gorgeous!! His voice is beautiful, this song reminds me of Luke and it makes my heart happy. Soz Marina, maybe you’ll be chosen tomorrow?

March 10th: The Last of the Real Ones: Fall Out Boy

I used to ADORE FOB but I haven’t really been listening to their new album a huge amount? I’m not sure why- but there’s just something about MANIA that I don’t love as much as the previous music they’ve made. However, saying all that this one is the exception. I think this is so much more like their old stuff and it’s really damn catchy.

March 11th: The Best Day: Taylor Swift

Today was mother’s day in the UK and this song is quite frankly the only option. It’s one of my favourite Taylor songs, it reminds me SO much of my mum and I wanted a song that would constantly remind me of her on her special day!

March 12th: No Drama: Tinashe, Offset

Ya know those people who just thrive off stirring shit? I feel like I still know one too many of them… so I needed a song to remind myself that we’re in our bloody twenties and I’m getting too old to rise to that stuff. Be chill fellas, life is hard enough without making it even harder for each other.

March 13th: Shine On: The Kooks

This used to be my favourite song when I was younger. It’s such a cute, cheerful little tune and it reminds me to keep going even when things are tough (read: when you have to work four weeks notice at a job that drains your soul)

March 14th: Love Me: The 1975

I saw “Love, Simon” last night and this tune popped up on the soundtrack. I bloody love this song and this was the opening tune when I saw them live last year! Played it all the way to work and danced ridiculously in the privacy of my car. It’s such a belter!

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