March: Week 2

Hello, my loves! So it’s already time for another weekly update- and this last one has probably been one of the most eventful of 2018 so far.

In fact, it’s turned from one of the worst of the year to one of the absolute best! I’ve been having a really tough time at my current job ( A very honest update ) which was bizarre as for the last 2 years I’ve absolutely loved it, but a few things shifted and the only thing that left me wanting to stay there were my friends… but I had to make the right move for me, so I’m starting at a new PR agency come April!

It’s going to be weird leaving my besties behind, but I’m so excited to learn some new skills and move more into the kind of career that I’m hoping to stick with. It’s been a fun ride working in social and account management- but my real love is with the media and writing, so that’s where I’m hopefully heading.

After handing in my notice the rest of the working week was basically filled with watching movies with the kitties, eating food and trying to slowly ease myself back into exercise (ugh).

When the weekend rolled around I was desperate to actually get out the house and keep busy, as I feel like I’ve been quite lazy and sedentary during the working week.

I started my Saturday with some of my fat corner (don’t ask) ladies, having a delicious brunch at Carluccio’s. Also can we please acknowledge that I’m finally eating eggs and enjoying them!? I went through like 5 years of vegetarianism without eating any of these… but damn they’re so good if you cook em’ right!

Then that evening I had my two best girls over for Chinese, prosecco and Disney films. Honestly, we sang the entire way through the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was glorious.

Then on Sunday, I popped back home to spend time with my mumma, grandma, auntie and my pa. He made all the ladies the most delicious meal (seriously, my pa can cook so well these days) and we spent most of the day nattering at each other and catching up on everything that we’d missed out on during the week.

I’m starting to feel so thankful that I’ve actually kept up with these weekly diary entries/ updates- because I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year to realise that things did work out for the better!

There’s always something good to take from the week and I’m SO happy that I’ve been able to move on and keep myself smiling!

Hope you’ve all had lovely weeks,



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