My best performing blog content?

I’ve been blogging consistently on this platform for a while now, but sometimes I think it’s good to dig a little deeper into what people are actually reading and enjoying- and to reflect on the kind of things that I’ve been creating lately.

So, (even if this is a hugely self-indulgent post) I’m going to take a little look back over the last 10 months and share with you the 10 ‘most-read’ blog-posts that I’ve ever written. (Highly aware that a lot of the clicks on these posts are probably me lol but all the same…)

And hey! If they inspire you to write similar ones then please do link me! I’d love to read them!


Eating disorders are an ongoing battle 

This was one of my first ever posts on the blog. The formatting is crazy weird, the writing doesn’t flow that nicely- but I’m still damn proud of myself for this one. It’s the first time that I’ve put something so personal on my public platform and it definitely opened a gateway to being more open about my ED and mental health issues in general.

I’m not ‘too young’ to get married

Ya know- this one doesn’t even surprise me. I’m sure I know a fair few people in real-life who actually read my blog, and many of them probably thought this when I announced my engagement! (I mean I would have, so no judgement there) I think this one is interesting to rank in my top posts though because I get so self-conscious that my wedding content is boring to other people… maybe I’ll share a little bit more of it in the future.

Book Review: Mythos by Stephen Fry

Ok, this one blew up because I posted it on Goodreads at a moment when not many other people had reviewed the book. It’s a great example of ‘right place, right time’ when it comes to sharing content! (Also would still 10/10 recommend reading this book)

Films I love, that everyone else hates

Interesting one… I’m not sure why this did so well, to be honest? I loved writing this blog so much- anything to stir up a bit of controversy hehe.

Why influencers shouldn’t promote Natural Cycles

YES. I’m so glad that this ranked in my top-10! This is something that I feel so passionate and angry about. I get so irritated when influencers are irresponsible with the amount of sway that they can have over their audience.

A song a day for 2018

Fuck mate I just looked at the stats of this and it has over 400 views?? Ya what?

Most of these song updates have done really decently- when I honestly thought it was just going to be me writing about them! But I’ve started following around 4 other people who are also partaking which is always interesting to read!

I’m getting bored of lazy blogging

This one is basically a full on rant- but I’m sure that anyone who’s part of the blogging community can relate. I don’t really love this one reading back on it though… kinda feels like I have people in mind that I’m writing about- which is never going to be my intention anymore!

Dear 15 year old me

These kinda blogposts are my favourite to read myself. I love things that get personal and actually let you hear a bit about the person behind the blog. This post also showed me how far I’d managed to come and how much growing as a human being I’ve still got to do!

Songs that make me bawl like a baby

Couldn’t for the life of me tell ya why this one performed so highly…

Why did critics hate ‘The GreatestShowman?’

Ah this blogpost is just a gift that keeps on giving I swear… I’ve had so many people click it! I guess when something is such a massively loved and talked about piece of film, it’s going to be a popular blog.

What have you enjoyed reading most?



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