How I’m feeling about moving jobs

If you read anything I’ve written lately you might have noticed that my career and workplace had evolved from a place I adored and loved, to be a place where I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed by the amount I had to achieve… (not helped by a manger who delights in telling people they’ve messed up) – so I did what I always do, and made the change.

I’m very much a believer that my happiness is in my own control- so after a couple more interviews I’m moving to another agency to focus more on the PR side of account management!

So all good right? I found a new job and I handed in my notice yesterday… but now, I’m feeling all kinds of weird about moving on! Here’s how I’m feeling about leaving my first “proper job”:

I’m nervous

Starting out somewhere new is always gonna be intimidating! I’m gonna be the new kid again, I won’t be established and there’s going to be an awful lot of new skills to pick up when I learn the ins and outs of a brand shiny new company and their systems!

I’m going to miss my friends

I have literally seen the same faces for 40+ hours a week for nearly two years now. I have two absolute best friends here and it’s going to be the strangest thing not getting to spend every lunch with them…

plus there’s a group of around 12 of us who hang out outside of work that I’m going to be very sad to say goodbye to. I’m gonna miss my work babies!

I’m going to have FOMO

We all went out for dinner last night where I currently work, and the amount of banter and in-jokes we have is unbelievable. It’s going to be strange entering a new group and them all having established this stuff!

I’m ready to move slightly away from management

I am a wet lettuce, I don’t like criticising people and I miss being creative when I’m in a more admin and management focused role. Sure- the pay is infinitely better, but I’m going back to the things that I love doing most! Creating.

I’m ready for change

I think the overwhelming thing that I’m feeling though is the excitement of change! Two years is a long time in one place and there’s going to be so much new stuff to get excited about and embrace as I move on!

I’ve still got four weeks here as I’ve got a notice period to work… but as always I’ll be posting updates on how things are going, and taking my lil blog family along for the ride!



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  1. Sadah
    March 9, 2018 / 11:45 am

    Well written.

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