A Song a Day March: Part 1


Goodness me, we’re already on a new month and a snazzy new playlist. I’ve noticed in the last couple of months that I’ve been deferring to my classic ‘old favourite’ kind of songs, so this month I’m going to aim to get out my comfort zone a bit, switch off the MCR and make sure I’m listening to loads of new music.

If you’ve got any recommendations for me then please leave me a comment! Otherwise, here’s week 1 of my March playlist:

March 1st- Fireworks: First Aid Kit

It was snowing like crazy the last few days and this song is so beautiful and peaceful I felt like it fitted the mood perfectly. First Aid Kit are also a more recent discovery (thank you Hannah Witton) – and this song kind of reminds me of one of my all-time-favourite songs, which is called ‘The End of the World’ by Dusty Springfield. I’ve discovered a new love in my life and that love comes in these two gorgeous girls.

March 2nd- Pretty Shining People: George Ezra

Oh my, George Ezra is absolutely killing it with every song that he’s bringing out lately. The song is about everyone being better when they’re good to each other, which is also a lovely little message. I cannot wait to see this man in the flesh, I have a feeling he’s going to be one of the best I’m going to see live this year!

March 3rd- Golden Years: David Bowie

Several reasons for picking this one! Firstly I was watching “A Knight’s Tale” and this is on the soundtrack. I also did some wedding stuff and saw my parents, and this is one of the songs they have on their wedding video. Seemed like an ideal choice to me. Also if you haven’t watched the movie I mentioned- please do if you enjoy a bit of Heath Ledger ❤️

March 4th- S.L.U.T: Bea Miller

I’ve been meaning to have this as my song of the day for ages but kept forgetting about it or finding something that I wanted more. But as I was drying my hair this morning this one came up on shuffle and it just had to be chosen! It’s such a catchy lil tune and I’ve been really loving her stuff lately. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

March 5th- Gives you Hell: All-American Rejects

This song was my entire mood on Monday tbh. I have nothing much more to say on that one!

March 6th- This is the life: Amy Macdonald

I know I said that I was going to try listening to all new stuff but this came up on my shuffle (FYI Spotify’s “Great British Breakfast” playlist is a dream) and I got such a nostalgia hit that I just had to put it on!

-edit- I just looked up when this song came out and I was 12?!?! When did I get so old?!

March 7th- Capital Letters: Hailee Steinfeld

Fifty shades is probably one of my most hated films tbh. Not because it’s basically the worst example of a good relationship- but because I was just SO bored. I remember seeing it with my ex on Valentine’s and we basically sat there for two hours rolling our eyes 😂 however- the soundtrack to the new one is pretty decent and I can’t lie that I’ve been listening to this one all damn day!

If you’re participating then link me your playlists! I’d love to have a read of why you picked the songs.



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