Feb/March: Week 1

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster for me (mainly because I’m a Londoner at heart and any snow just throws me completely out of whack tbh)- but I’ve been crazy busy most days juggling work, friends, family and a serious amount of wedding planning.

Work and anxiety have been ever so slightly better after my various meltdowns last week- and I’ve been trying to avoid overthinking anything too much and actually listening to my own advice I wrote in this blog post: When work is driving anxiety

It’s really tough sometimes when you have anxiety and feel completely flat-out exhausted from trying to keep a positive face on something, but one of the things I really like about myself is my resilience and my ability to literally just keep my head up and power-through things.

I know that I’m capable of managing the hurdles that my job can throw at me, and I know that I’ve got a few amazing opportunities coming up which I should stick around for until they’ve passed.

For example, I ended up going to a breakfast event for a client in London on Wednesday- which involved a 5am wake-up call, attempting to walk down Carnaby Street in pumps without slipping over- and also being scared out of my skin as someone jumped around a corner and yelled in my face. (Gotta love London eh?)

Whilst I was at the event the snow really began to pelt it down- which if you’ve ever lived in the countryside like me, you’ll know is a fucking nightmare to drive in. I pelted it back home as soon as I could and spent most of the rest of the evening snuggled up with Luke and working from home for the next few days.

I always feel so lucky that we get to spend so much time together (even when the asshat beats me at Monopoly)- but the past few days have been spent in domestic bliss, with the kittens, snuggles and watching new movies.

(You can read my review of Lady Bird here if you’re interested)

This weekend we headed to Winsor to meet with the chair covers and flower lady for the wedding. (AGH it’s only 8 months to go!)

We haven’t finalised all the decisions just yet, but we’re going for a cascade bouquet for me, which will have white roses, blue flowers and lots of pretty leaves and things. (I’m such a nature girl at heart)

I’ve also found my bridesmaids some adorable blush pink and white bouquets and we’re going to give our flower girl a little wand to carry down the aisle. I nearly died of cuteness at that/ want one myself.

(I feel like I should be writing a bit more wedding content as I know that one day I’m going to want to look back on all of this (hence the weekly online diaries) but it’s tough to write without sounding super boring/ giving too many details away!)

After that, we wandered around Winsor for a while and ended up coming home and napping for the majority of Saturday afternoon…. oops.


So now we’re at Sunday! This year is absolutely flashing before my eyes I swear… but today I’m hopefully going to finally get to see ‘Black Panther’ and then it’s out for a birthday dinner with the Hemel lot.

Hope that you’ve all had wonderful weeks!



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