Lady Bird: Review

[This review contains mild spoilers]


This evening, snuggled in with copious cups of tea, duvets and hidden away from the snow, I finally got a chance to watch a film that I knew would already give me goosebumps- just from the trailer. It’s Greta Gerwig’s first directional debut, and I’ve got to say that this woman has really pulled something truly remarkable out of the bag.

‘Ladybird’ follows the story of a girl called Christine (Saoirse Ronan), who names herself Ladybird in an attempt to stand out amongst the crowd as she steers herself through adolescence and the trials of being a teenager- when you go to a mixed school and have a more than difficult relationship with your family. (aka every teenage girl on the planet)

God do I hate the phrase ‘coming of age’ when it’s used to describe films, but in Ladybird’s case- I don’t really know what could be more true, which is potentially why I loved this film so much.

The storyline is nothing dramatic, nothing out of the ordinary… and probably just what every teenage girl experienced growing up. (Particularly if you’re a bit of a weird outcast like me, who just wanted to be cool)

From losing her virginity, trying to befriend a ‘popular’ kid and finding out what relationships are really like when you’re just starting out, I found that this film was relatable in so many ways- and I’m hoping it’s not just because I felt a lil bit like the lead role was me 6 years ago…

I felt like I had really lived Ladybird’s entire existence from start to finish, and I imagine that most of the reviews of this film wouldn’t be able to say the same thing, but it’s a subject matter that was oh so familiar and safe- but the bright and brilliant characters that this film created- made it truly standout.

Most of the story is fixated on the mother-daughter relationship and there’s a scene where Ladybird is trying on dresses and she asks her mum if she ‘doesn’t just love her, if she actually likes her.’

And mate- that’s when my heart full-on cracked.

Never have I seen a film that portrays that feeling in so many ways. My mumma is my absolute rock, my best friend- but god did I put her through hell and back when I was an idiot teenager.

It’s not just the relationship between the mother and the daughter that makes this film so exceptional in my eyes- it’s the amount of unconditional love that you can have for your family and also the platonic love that you can feel for your friends, that really made my heart swell and got the tears bubbling up in my eyes.

As soon as the credits rolled on this movie, I knew that I had watched something really damn special and something that made my heart swell with how beautiful, relatable and moving it was. The characters are going to remind me forever of that little piece of me that I left behind when I was 17.

I full on adored this and fully wish that you to watch it too!




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