Looking forward to March

I did this last month for Feb and although a lot of the stuff didn’t end up working out (still crying inside about Gaga tbh) it was really fun to look ahead to the next month and the things that I’m excited to make happen. So as we enter the first month of spring (I mean mega-lol it’s snowing outside so that’s going well) – here’s what I’m looking forward to!



So it turns out that I’m off to Berlin again this month for work! I’m going to be social media managing on site for the Infrastructure Investor’s conference (my life is just full of exciting things like this) – but last year it was in the Hilton hotel, I got to do some sight-seeing and I also got a lot of beer down me in the evenings. Hopefully, this year is just as fun.

Beauty and the Beast Tea

It’s my lil sister’s birthday in March (as if she’s gonna be 22 and I’m still only 23 what) – but as her present, I booked her this tea at the Kensington Town Hotel. It looks super adorable and will be nice for us to have a little family tea all together once she’s back from Birmingham for the weekend. Plus I finally get to see if ‘the grey stuff’ is delicious 😉

Ronnie Scott’s

My dad has played us ‘dinner-time jazz’ music since I can remember. Literally, it’s always the soundtrack in my house- so we’ve booked a lunchtime visit to Ronnie Scott’s to grab some cocktails and listen to the live music there. I’m excited because I’ve never been but it’s been a London bucket list thing for a couple of years now.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

I haven’t seen them live since I was 18 (5 YEARS MATE) and I am so ready to dance and sing my heart out with Luken by my side. We’re the messiest lil drunks together so it should be a fab evening.

What have you got planned for March?











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