February favourites

Feb was a pretty short month and it’s been a very busy one for me- but that’s still 28 days worth of time to become obsessed with a bunch of new stuff. Here’s what I’ve been loving this month:



The last month I’ve read a couple of books that are non-fiction and all about the self-love and positive attitude to life. I love reading stuff like this because it genuinely helps me to feel happier, more motivated and like I can actually get shit done in my life. These two, however, were the ones that stick out the most:

Body Positive Power- Megan Crabbe

I’ve been rambling about how amazing this book is to EVERYONE- even my Mumma is tempted to read it now just so she understands what I’m talking about. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that changed my attitude to diet culture and my own body so much. Honestly, she’s revolutionary.

Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Melanie Murphy

AWH Melanie! A recent discovery for me (detailed further down) – she’s an amazingly beautiful Irish lady and I’ve been devouring her videos and her book. It’s like the big sister kind of advice that I think everyone needs to read! Plus I listened to it on audiobook and GUUGHHH IRISH ACCENTS.


True Blood

I normally hate cheesy vampire stuff but legit this is HBO so it’s just sex and blood and gore and Luke and I are obsessed! We’ve also spent most of this month bearing our teeth at each other and growling “I am vampire” at each other.


Ok, this one is a weird one as I’m only halfway through it… it’s the trippiest, strangest TV show I’ve ever watched. A mix of sci-fi, cowboys and the rise of the robots… it’s one that I’m going to persist with into March! Also if you enjoy beautiful people it’s got Ben Barnes and Evan Rachel Wood in it… just sayin’.

The Big Bang Theory

I know that TONS of people hate this, think the laughter is canned and that it isn’t even that funny… but honestly? I love it. It’s one of my absolute comfort watches when I’m bored of FRIENDS (rare, but it does happen) and the new season has been really entertaining so far!

The Greatest Showman SINGALONG

Yeah, we’re sad but we went to the sing-a-long version of this absolute masterpiece this week. It was so much fun, the audience was so invested and I think that it’s fast becoming one of my favourite musicals. Now just need to get Luke into Les Mis and we’re set!


Dear Evan Hansen

I discovered another musical obsession this month (had to break up The Greatest Showman with something!) and MY GOD this musical. HOLD ME I CAN FEEL THE LOVE EXPLODING OUT OF ME. Apparently, it’s coming to London later this year so I’m ready!


Melanie Murphy

I was doing some tattoo research a while back and I ended up stumbling across Melanie- who has a very similar one on her arm. She’s Irish, she’s amazing and I’ve been devouring her videos. Plus she used to have an eating disorder and is a converted bodiposi babe- my fav! 💜

Lucy Moon

I’ve watched Lucy for a long time now and after meeting her at an event in January I’ve really got back into her videos. She posts fashion, lifestyle, music and foodie related bits… plus she’s super open about her struggles with alcohol and she’s got such a lovely calming voice! Check her out 😀

What have you been loving this month?



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